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Uugghhhh. . . this is so lame.


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I am impatient as hell. . .


I really like this girl.


She is very busy with two jobs. One is in the mall during the holidays.


I think she like me, she has called me just about every day, but sometimes I miss her call. She text messaged me once. I text messaged her 3 times since and called her a couple of time.


The day before she called to say hello, and thanks for the messages. I missed her call and called her back yesterday. Twice. Voice mail each time.


We shill haven't gone out on a date! I am just trying to do that! I want to call her right now but I think I have done enough and should wait for her to contact me. This sucks. . .

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Does she have email? If she does, see if she'd be ok with you writing her short newsy "hey, hope things are going good, and it was great hearing from you" emails every couple days - you can fit more in than texting and a little more personality can come accross as well. I'm sure it must be frustrating since she seems so interested as well not being able to make plans or talk much!

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