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stressed out...ANYONE have any solutions?

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hey everyone,

i was just wondering if any of you could help me out?

i seem to be really stressed within my life at the moment and an overwhelming amount of emotions seem to come over me.

weird really because ive never felt like this, only two minutes i was crying my eyes out for no reason!


i know i have some issues to sort out but has anyone got any solutions to destress me?

sometimes i work for things so hard because i want them so much and then push them away by not understandning them, anyone help? or am i being a bit stupid (this question is also open for answers).

thanks for any replies.


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hey lil_mamarains13,

thanks, and at the moment it seems to be everyhing, ever tried taking on your friends problems so they dont get hurt? just stuff i guess. i always told people to talk about the way they feel i guess i needed my own advice.


self concept bares a big part on this i guess, anyone else thought that they never deserved something and thereforeeee did things to ensure they didnt..stupid i know


councilling, lol, i guess i never looked that far ahead. one thing i can do is put a face on to those who matter. it wouldnt help id act and they'd chuck me out for wasting there time.

thanks though for the idea. any others?


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You can put a mask on and pretend that everything is okay. I have done that before. All that winds up doing is burying yourself deeper in depression. I know this might sound stupid, but I really am against counseling myself. I refused to go the last time I was depressed. I only went to see this lady 2 times because my mom begged me to go. I don't need her help. I finally decided to just stop being so down, and pick myself up and start over. Sometimes it is a bigger reward to do it on your own because it makes you even stronger. I just don't want you to find yourself with thoughts of suicide and things like that. I have been there too. Life is stressful, and you have to find a way to get around it. It is hard I know, but you still have to find a way to cope. If it is taking an hour or two listening to music alone to clear your mind or something of that nature. I hope this helps a little more.

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Well here are some ideas to help you cope with the stress. They won't solve your underlying problems, but they might make life more bearable in the meantime:


    [*]Exercise - does a body good and really helps stress level

    [*]Meditation - relax your mind, listen to music, helps to focus

    [*]A massage - nothing like one to relax tense muscles

    [*]Swimming - this is exercise as well, but really works all your tense muscles out. you'll sleep like a baby

    [*]Physical game like racquetball - same principle as exercise, but enjoyed with a friend

    [*]A hot bath, door locked, while reading a good book

    [*]A long walk, appreciating the beauty and tranquility of nature. Obviously a long walk along a freeway would defeat this purpose. Choose a park instead


    I hope this helps!

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hey lil_mamarains13

it helps a whole lot to know that, and thatnkyou for sharing your experiances, i guess i just dont feel as if i need councilling, as if its a phase, i dont know how to feel and then i cry weird like i said.

i appreciate you sharing that, and hiding does seem easy until all emotions build up and explode.


thats the thing doing things for myself i find difficult, something that someone else isnt involved in despite it being this would for me seem selfish.

i dont understand any more.


i seem to have had answers to questions that sounded so simple and suddenly have become more complex. i feel betrayed by myself. man it sounds stupid explaining this.


how are you in yourself at the minute? just as some sort of feedback or progress for me to understand the outcome?

thanks. kel

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Me I am down as you can tell from my posts, but I am going to be okay. I know this because of the strength I have gained from the last 2 times I have been depressed. I have only been depressed twice in my life, but that were real bad and on the dangerous side. Avman has some good ideas for you. I love to walk away my stress. I wish I could still. I love to swim too, but it would be to cold to swim right now. I don't want to get sick on top of stress. Hang in there because things will start to look up. Just don't let youself slip into a deep depression where you find yourself thinking the only way to get out is to committ suicide. That is very unhealthy, and if you get to that point I will suggest you seak counseling. At this point I think if you work on yourself and your self esteem things will look better. Don't worry people do care it is just that you are blocking that because of the stress level. You will look back and see it though.

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hey avman,

youve got some great points there like lil_mamarains13 said. i really appreciate you sharing them and i guess ill start tonight, when i take my dog a walk lol. that usually destresses me.


lil_mamarains13 i would like to thankyou a whole lot already, you really are helping me out. i understand you completely which is something unique for me. sorry about you feeling down, for once i can actually say that i know how you feel. i understand that once you start to dig a whole and get into routine its hard to stop.

i know that people care in some sense but things seem to be easier to understand when i stand as just one.


i have never seen suicide as an option before....even thought i have a high belief on this not taking place do you feel it is possible for me to get to that stage? infact what stage am i at.


i know i have to work on my self concept, just seems hard to look after myself all the time.

thanks again.


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I never thought I would think that I would hit that point where I would want to committ suicide, but the last time I almost committed suicide 3 times. I don't ever want to go back there. It sneaks up on you after time. I had someone else beating me down mentally, and that made things worse for me. Even one time this person told me to kill myself. I think you are just stressed, and you are at the point where people around you are not helping, but outside sources may since you don't know them and they don't know you. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger and vent than to the same old faces who may or may not get tired of you telling them your problems. You will get strong if you want to. You have to have the want and the need to though. Focus on things that make you happy such as walking you dog or something like that. One of my focuses was my godson. He helped me alot, and he didn't even know it. Things will work out.

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i was on the same wave length as you when answering a post as to why im hear, i thought it was simple to vent to people i didnt know yet that still came hard.


i wouldnt say that talking to people outside of those i dont know is a problem as well i dont. i dont tell people how i feel well not negative, i listen to others and then leave it as it is. my emotions seem to be that until today shared but not really given out to many.


i will do things that i enjoy, and i appreciate that.

i agree with what your saying which is lightening to say the least, i just feel im stressed and it will work out.

i understand now what you mean by the thought of suicide. i understand what you mean, it creeps up on you and not simple to prevent.


so would you say that you have to stop it at its lowest instead of finding out too late? thanks



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yes i understand what your saying, and i guess your proff that theres life at the end of the tunnel. you have been a great help to me and if you have anything else to point out for me or if any times need my assistance, then i will greatly help out.



to everyone else, any other opinions would be greatful also.


thanks again lil_mamarains13.


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