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Pleae help me I want my ex back so much

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Basically I met my ex when I started uni, we fell head

>over heels with each other. Although we didn't move in

>we pretty much spent every night together for our

>first year and every day. In our second year we moved

>in together with some other friends. Things were great

>but in order to fund us we both worked night shifts on

>top of uni. We started to drift a little but we both

>knew we wanted to be together so worked hard to make

>things work, especially as we knew we were moving to

>London together for a year and then back to uni for

>our final year, there was a perfect model for us to



>My gf moved to London a month before, whilst alone I

>discovered she cheated on me and as a result we broke

>for a bit. I believe it was a huge mistake as she

>claims, her depression and tears proved this so please

>believe me on that notion. Anyway, I forgave her and

>moved to London with her in May. Things were amazing

>all summer, we were so happy to leave all the crap

>that happened back at uni behind us, with a new fresh

>exciting start in London. Again though work started

>putting pressure on us, as a result we drifted but

>still loved each other deeply. It all came to a head

>when she burts in tears saying she needed space,

>couldn't do the forever thing just yeat and felt

>trapped. Loving her so much I moved out to a friends

>house, it's been 6 weeks split from our 2 year

>relationship. I'm sleeping on a matress on a living

>room floor with my clothes in bin bags with all my

>stuff at her house (her uncles).


>We recently started meeting up, going for drinks,

>laughing, saying we miss and love each other, even had

>sex. However we are both seeing meanigless people on

>the side as a rebound which we both know has no future

>but are using as some kind of relief or affection

>base. I know this is wrong and have ended mine. We are

>seeing each other this weekend for a trip away to a

>fashion show (she studies fashion and I got VIP

>tickets through work so thought it would be a nice

>gesture). Last night whilst at hers she burts into

>tears after admiting I was seeing this rebound. She

>told me she loves me, I'm the one, she'll never meet

>anyone like me and want to be with me so badly in the

>future but is scared of screwing up and going through

>the hurt again. She is moving back to uni at the end

>of Dec and I wont be there until Sept. She ays it will

>be too hard right now being apart, but when I'm back

>at uni we could really make another go which will work

>after we have hhad our space and developed. She says

>she still wants ti come down and visit me and wants me

>to come up and visit her.


>Is there a chance, I know she loves me and I know I

>love her and want this to work. I'm going to get on

>with my life but with her in mind, and us working.


>Sorry for the elaborate tale, but thought it best you

>know everything to advise me. Let me know what you

>think, please.

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Truthfully I feel she is tagging you along, and in the end you will wind up with a bigger hurt than before. My ex broke up with me after 3 years and 3 months. He kept telling me he would be back. Not a week later he was dating another girl but still coming to my house for a booty call. He did that for a long time. Blah Blah Blah you don't need to hear my sad storie, but I fear that she may drag you along to her benefit, and dump you and pick you up when she feels the need. I would break away, and go explore in the world on your own. Yes, it hurts and it takes time, but you may wind up getting slapped in the face with something better. (Figuratively speaking of course). Happiness will find you just be patient.

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