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Hey everyone, first of all thank you in advance for reading my post.

I read through the poems section and was amazed at the talent floating around.

It really is amazing how our emotions get words flowing like they do.

So, I guess this is just my avenue to release some pent up emotions.

Thanks again and feel free to comment, whether positive or negative.


*~I wrote this around the beginning of October~*


Unexplainable feelings

Overcoming my brain

Inescapable emotions

Driving me insane

Irreplaceable years

Each taken away

Unresolved issues

Haunt every day

Irresistible calmness

Centered in destruction

Undeniable attachment

Influencing every function

Unacknowledged existence

Filling my heart

Undisputable confusion

Brewing the start

Unexplainable feelings

Driving me insane

Inescapable emotions

Overcoming my brain




~*I wrote this in October*~


Some things never change, in my life anyway

I go through the seconds it seems like yesterday

Repeated and repeated nothing new starting

Days turn into years old never parting

Loveless life, alone on Friday nights

Holding back the tears I hold on to fight

Expanding new relationships others I've sewn

Never enjoying a relationship of my own.

Living everyday as if my life doesn't matter

Climbing higher and higher on my lonely ladder

Something new occurs making everything so great

I get so caught up it's already to late

It turns to be not as good as I thought

This is my life, oops I forgot

Nothing good is really what it seems

Maybe this guy is all in my dreams

I thought maybe this was my chance

Maybe my life wont be empty of romance

Things are perfect when the lines are connected

These feelings are new, not before collected.

Tears welling up, I'm holding them back

I'm not good for him, there's something I lack

Making me a better person, learning my faults

Why when I talk to him my confidence halts

Trying to keep my feelings keeping them dim

Don't want to make things frustrating for him

Thoughts going through my mind, fast pace

Can't think of anything concretely, only his face

Understanding that maybe things aren't that bad

Could I have overreacted, it's making me mad

I feel so confused I was comfortable before

Keeping things to myself, locking the door

Maybe this is what I needed, someone with a key

Helping discover why it's been just me

Confusion runs wild all through my mind

I only want one answer, only one to find

I look to a day as one not like the one before

Nothing can be repeated, everyday a new door

Some things never change, in my life anyway

Then I looked back to yesterday…




*~I wrote this for my senior scrapbook for English*~


Everyone says it goes by all too fast,

the fun and the parties won't always last.

I never could quite understand what they all were saying,

I thought it lasted forever, the music wont stop playing.

But it's almost ending and has been such a blur,

so many things to do, so many things I wish I were.

You always expect to be a totally different person when you leave this place,

different feelings, different lifestyles, a different face.

Some get that wish and embark on a magical trip into their lives forever,

some of us didn't get to finish the journey together.

My experience was full of memories and tears;

I lost many things I had had for years

Friends disappeared and many things were lost,

but I have learned that it's all worth the cost.

The lessons have been taught and the bonds have been broken,

now its turn to take what's known and let it be spoken.

When we leave what we've known and who've we been around for so long it's hard to go our own ways,

but I'll always remember this door is opening to magical days.

We will all be together whatever we may be in the memories we've shared and made,

the love and friendship from one to another wont ever fade.

Everyone always said it goes by real fast,

I never understood until I had to look back to the past.




And I am done, 8)




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