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Is she posing as a guy over the internet ??


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This is long but very interesting, and to some amusing i guess.


I have a very confusing problem. My friend *Jill introduced me to *Jon over a year ago. Jill and Jon have been best friends their whole life. I started to talk to Jon over the internet, and am still good friends with him. He lived on the other side of the country, and recently moved a few states away. Ive told him far more than i ever would tell Jill. I recently have started having feelings for him. I told Jill this, adn she said I could have a chance with him. So it made the feelings even worse.


Well today, was such a shock to me. I was talkin to one of my best friends Ashley, and she started talkin about how Jon IM'd her this weekend. She said it was weird because she JUST broke up with her boyfriend and she used to like Jon. She had told Jon that she liked him before and he started treating her really bad after that, and wouldnt even give her the time of day.


Well Me, Ashley and my best friend were tlaking and they brought up how they have always felt that Jill is actually Jon, who she made up. We think theyre is a reall Jon but that hes not friends with Jill ne more and she is jsut trying to recreate the friendship they lost.


Now please dont think we are crazy theyre are plenty of reasons we think this, but as always we cant be positive. Here are some reasons -


-When Ashley liked Jon she called him at Jills house when he was visiting from cross country. Jill said he wasnt there becuase he had JUST left o go visit with his grandmother, but it was 10 at night. Seems unlikely that someone would visit grandma at that late time.


-Jon gave Ashley a song that would be just theirs, the SAME song he gave me.


-When Jill signs offline, Jon will sign on directly after. Or vice versa.


-I was talkin to Jon Saturday at 12 in the afternoon. He mentioned how a girl he saw in pictures form the Christmas Ball from FRIDAY night was hot. He said Jill emailed him the pictures. But today wen i asked Jill to see her pictures, she said she hasnt even finished the roll of film yet, she has 14 pictures left to take.


- I told Jill i like Jon, and all of a sudden Jon breaks up with his gf. But THEN he starts telling me how so many people are hot.


- Jon sent me his picture, and he was sooo hot. Turns out, it wasnt him, it was a singer from some random band.


- Jon supposedy shattered his left leg in Septmeber. But this weekend he was out shoveling, when a couple weeks ago he was in a wheelchair.


-Last weekend Jill asked me if i wanted to hang out with her and Jon, i said of course. She never called me or told me what was goin on. But she said she had a great time with him.


- She said that he got into a car accident and she had to run away because he wasnt suppose to be driving her, but that was MY STORY with one of my friends lol.


-She said tat Jon was going to visit us at work, he never showed up.





So what do u guys think? Is Jon really Jill? And if so, what should i do?? please help. thanks . colls

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I actually met my ex over the internet.


But I guess mostly liars pose as other people over the internet. What's the point in talking to someone if you're only making stuff up as you go along (sending pics of someone completely different from yourself etc).


Just seems very weird to me. Perhaps it's one of those fabled murderers who try to get close to their victims without allowing them to get any real information about who othey are in Real Life. hm, hm, hm.. Spooky!

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