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I cant be around my girlfriend as much..what can I do?


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My girlfriend and I have been going out for a little over 3 weeks. I drive her to school everyday. I walk her to 1st, 6th, and 7th period in school. I occasionally drive her home from school. I talk to her on the phone about an hour a day and I see her once or twice on the weekends. I like her alot, but Im noticing that Im really running out of things to talk about and that Ive talked to her about everything before. I think I just want some space from her. Is there any subtle way that you guys can think of on not seeing her as much, but not make it sound insulting or bad? Im not looking to break up with her, but there's only so much to say and Im afraid Im starting to get sick of her and I dont want to. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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hey siefer.

ive always thought that a relationship, despite at what stage is built up of an ever lasting conversation, or communication. people see communicating as just verbally but its not just that, you can communicate through body language and expressions. i wouldnt say that you should drop the amount of time with her due to the aspect of not understanding what to say.


cant you meet up under such circumstances as to say, watch a film or something that doesnt involve verbal communication but other aspect?


how do you feel when you dont speak?

do you feel suffocated within the relationship? or is it just the thought of space being more compatable for your way of living. if so then i would talk to her about it, other wise as you said you may loose her through her thinking that your just moving away.


not all topics could have been over? trust me imagination in itself is the widest range of ideas provided for a conversation. have fun with what you talk about.


im curious what is it that makes you feel this way?

Im afraid Im starting to get sick of her and I dont want to

for example is it her? or the possibility that she also runs out of things to say and you both break down to nothing? what is this fear or sickness you speak off?

hope this helps. kel

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Why don't you try to create dates that give you seomthing to talk about. For instance, get copies of weird news articles and sit around and read them to each other. grab a copy of the Star or Enquirer and read about the Batboy and a woman who gave birth to twin goats and never knew she was pregnant. Anything written will do, if you both can haev an interest, serious, comic or otherwise. The idea of the dinner and movie date creates the whole concept, provided you go to the movie first. See the movie, go to dinner, talk about the movie. Maybe you are not ready for that, but creating things to do together that will give you something to talk about will make your problem go away or become much smaller.

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