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holiday low budget ideas?

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Hey everyone!


I was just wondering little things that i could do with my boyfriend that are really low budget. We are in a great relationship and we love each other very much.... we both make good money but we are both saving for a year trip together.


Also ... i want to make him something for christmas, to show him that money doesn't matter. i really love this guy! i started on a personalized christmas stocking but then we agreed to not get each other nothing.... (well, until we arrive in asia... then we'll go full out of a night or something) so i can't give him an empty stocking!


Um any suggestions.... also i have a question.... do guys like getting home made cards and little things like that, yunno ... ten things i love about you and stuff?


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Just speaking for myself, I actually PREFER something homemade as a gift. That has a lot more meaning to me than something bought at Wal-Mart that I will just throw away when it breaks.


The fact that my partner took the time to make me something I would like so that I thought of her - wow that is just fabulous in my mind! Money doesn't matter a bit to me.

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Homemade cards and poetry.... depends on the guy you're giving it to. Some guys don't like mushy stuff... others really do. You know your s.o. best!


As for in the stocking... hmm... favorite packaged candy (gift wrap a package of m&ms or something), favorite store bought cookies (like gift-wrap a small 6 pack oreo cookie package you get from a truckstop or gas station)-- things that you probably won't be able to get over-seas or during your travels, small things that might remind him of the up and coming year long trip you're planning to take together like maybe a little language book or one of those small electronic language translators you can get at Walmart or something (don't know how much they are though)... maybe a cool key chain to put his car keys on. Maybe some note cards to send home to friends so you can tell people where you are during your travels.


Hope these ideas help get your creativity flowing!! Think cheap and think of things that will remind him why y'all are saving money!

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I dunno about where you are... but scrapbooks are really big here in NC. If you go to any big crafts store there's usually a big section on scrapbook design... they have a lot of things to make a killer photo album scrapbook.


Look around for ideas and you can make your own decorations out of construction paper (cheap) to chronical and accompany any pictures you take while you're traveling...


OH and film and those one-time-use cameras are cheap things you can put in a stocking too...

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Cool, a trip to asia sounds nice. Hope you two have a great time . Oh right, back to the question. All I can say is that a good homemade present should be original, from scratch, and something that matches the guys personality. Ex. suppose he likes the color blue and favors poetry. Well, make a nice original poem on blue paper, or something like that. Homemade presents are usually better than storebought like avman said.

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