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well i made up my mind

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so for a few days i thought that i liked my ex's friend, but i was wrong i was just stressed out and he is easy to talk to. well i am head over heels for my ex and would do anything to get him back. i wrote him a note and told him why he meant so much to me and i made him all these promises that i will keep if he can only give me a chance. well it said that i loved him and it said why and i told him the fun times that i remembered and why i started acting kinda crazy and i told him that it was my fault and how i just want to start over because i believe that we are ment for eachother and we could learn from what happened. well those of you that have read my other posts about how much i care about him, what do you think. if you were him could you take me back? well?

thankyou all,

love Qtpie87 8)

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well you know at least you cannot have any regrets and doubts in the future. the ball is now in his court and you dont have to worry about anything. i just hope you're ready to accept the worst if it does come, and i hope it doesnt. if he really cares about you, he will give you one more chance, if not then find some one who you can love without making those dreaded mistakes again.


good luck

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I dunno I hope it works out personaly {ive always been a hopeless romantic =p} but if you start making all of these promises it gives him the upper hand and as most of us know if your going to be with someone you must not be "in debt" to your other. if you make to many promises it may discredit your opinion in the future. just be carefull is all I have to say. =}

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