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Well, actually, me and this guy just broke up, and he wants to get back together, but he's scared about the distance, and there's no way we could see each other in about 2 years, and he said that it's really tough on him, and he's scared that he'll not have the patience to wait. What should i do? we're still friends though, but he's kind of down and lonely...

I don't know what should i do. i need help

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If you've already had problems and have broken up at the moment, perhaps it'd be better for you to remain good friends while you're apart. If you won't see each other for 2 years, and both of you aren't sure whether it'll work, perhaps its best to focus on the friendship and see what happens when you both get to see each other again.


You never know what could happen over the next 2 years, you've already had problems leading you to break up, do you really want to be hanging around in limbo for the next 2 years. You both might meet someone really special and be wary of taking any action because you've told each other that you'll wait. On the other hand, neither of you might get into any thing serious and when you finally meet again, you may make a go of it again.

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