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ughh condom trouble..


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Me and my boyfriend have just started having sex and theres really no problem with me but i tell him we need to use a condom but whenever hes hard and he puts it on so that we can have sex, he gets soft again. Is there a problem with him or is it the condom ? its happened all times so we just started having sex without a condom.. and he pulls out but that worries me..plz i need advice on this i dont want to end up pregnant because we cant use a condom!

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Hello Asslee


Condoms do take away a lot of the sensation, and in some cases are so tight they basically strangle you down there, which is my pet peeve.


A young guy should not have any problem with maintaining an erection.

with or without a condom.


He needs to act responsibly, and you need to protect yourself, I know you want to make him happy but the pull out method is very very unreliable, he can have "pre-ejaculate" thats right, he can release sperm before the orgasm, and he wont even know it!.


He needs to learn to get used to using a condom.


I suggest you get a good condom, the ones I use when I just gotta use one are:


* Trojan Supra. these are easy to find at any store, they are not latex

but made of polyurethane, they are very thin, and transfer heat, but

they are tight, (at least on me that is). but a lot better than your regular



* Enspirals, this are latex condoms, but have a real big head section,

think of them as baggy pants for his member, because its loose up

to, everything slides around and no strangulation. but these are harder

to find.


Make sure he uses a condom always. just tell him , no condom, no sex, he will need to deal with it, right now, hes getting what he wants when he pouts. its time he becomes responsible.

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I'm a chickie, so I know nothing about condoms, but there are other methods of birth control... The Pill, the Depo shot (if you're worried about forgetting to take the pill), there are also sponges and diaphrams. But the condom is best to prevent the spread of disease.


If by chance the fact that wearing a condom is causing him to go soft, try working with him to get the erection back (you know, hand job )


Good Luck

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Yea, withdrawal definitely ain't the best way of birth control and most guys do prefer bareback no condom. Everyone's get things pretty much happenin here though. Give him more experience using a condom or start taking other forms of birth control. Do remember though, nothing is 100% guaranteed but sex is sex and we do need it, whateva it takes to get our satisfaction.


Happy Heb

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Maybe if you put it on him as part of "foreplay" he'll be able to stay risen to the occasion. While there's other birth control methods, condoms are the best prevention against STDs except for abstinence. Withdrawal, as Gilgamesh said, isn't at ALL reliable...


Among the least effective techniques for preventing pregnancy is withdrawal, in which the man withdraws before he ejaculates. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, of all couples who rely on the withdrawal method, one in five will face pregnancy within a year.


If you've both been tested and are free from any infections, AND are going to be completely monogamous, you can go with the pill, depo shot, patch, or other hormonal method. The only downside is you've got to be able to really trust your partner not to pick up and give you a "gift that keeps on giving" in form of an STD.

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I understand that it just isn't working with the condoms. You have to get on another reliable method of birth control. Talk to your GYN about it and they will tell you what is best. If you don't have a doc then you should get one.


What is more disappointing: him going soft, or you ending up pregnant?


BTW have you considered about the possibility of contracting STDs?

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