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Married to a wonderful man, in love with a wonderful woman.

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I am a 27 year old, very successful business woman. Married to a wonderful man for 4 years - together for 8. I have not looked at or felt anything for another person in the entire 8 years, until now.


I took on some extra responsibility with my work, doing a whole heap of travel (away from hom 3-4 nights a week) and he took on some extra sports etc to keep himself occupied. Along side this I started teaching myself the guitar (this all started about 1.5 years ago). We stopped making love as often as we did (2x monthly if lucky) and started going out in the weekends with others and partying up - used to spend time at home with each other. This was all ok, until....


I started getting guitar lessons from a woman I was introduced to through a friend. It was great - we had the same interests, music, movies, animals etc. We talked for hours - and played guitar, singing together etc. I started to have these weird feelings for her and that intense tight tummy whenever I talked about her....something not experienced for years (8 odd I suppose!).


I thought it was a curious sex with a woman thing, and discussed with my husband (we still talk openly) and he told me to go for it - saying it was normal and most woman do it in their late teens.


So, I did.


What a mess I have now created. I have totally fallen in love with her, want to spend all my time with her and she feels the same way.


My husband loves me like no other, worships the ground I walk on but I am breaking his heart. He knows how I am feeling and has said that he just wants me to be happy, I am crying all the time - especially when I am with him.


I think I am posting this in the hope for some direction, maybe someone out there has been through this and can point me in the right direction.


Thank you in anticipation.



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Hey Rebecca, To me it sounds like something very big in your life has been missing with your husband. Whether that be romance, intimacy, love or who knows, and to compensate for this great loss, you feel that you have found it in a woman.

(which you may have) Nevertheless, have you really tried to make your marriage work? Or have you just given up? Also, have you had feelings for other women ever before this.....


If not, i think that this is definitely you trying to fill a gap in your life..(and you wont be happy with this woman either if you are trying to fill a viod)


Or..if you have had feelings for other women before this then maybe your head is telling you something, about you and where ur life should be going.

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