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--Help-- Can someone tell me what to do?


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Hello. I need someone to tell me what to do cause I have no idea what to do. I'm dying here!


Ok. I'm so damn in love with a guy which I haven't talk in two years. I hung out with him like for one year but we were only friends but I learned to love him, even though I didn't admitt I loved him. I "dumped" him cause people were saying I had a crush on him which I didn't in that time, but who am I kidding? I did like him, not too much, but enough.


Well, I haven't talk to him since then. Somehow I feel he hates me or feels anything for me or something cause he stares at me all the time in school. There's always like eye contact between him and me but I always break up the eye contact. I act completley indiffrent when he's around, like if I didn't care he was and somehow I feel he gets the feeling that I am happy without him. but really I'm not cause I love him.


When he sees me he likes to call for attention. I always feel him staring at me but sometimes he acts indifferent just like I do sometimes and I feel he doesn't feel anything for me but sometimes I feel he wants to talk to me. I would talk to him but I'm extremely shy and he is too.


The worst of my sad story is that, I used to like school for him, cause I always get to see him. He was my reason to go to school cause I love staring him. But now he had been kicked out of school. and you have no idea of how much it hurt to know I won't be able to see him in school.


I have no idea of what to do. Sometimes I think God send me this messages for me not to feel anything more for him but everytime I say I wanna get over him I turn around my head and he is there. Like today, I had like 3 days without seen him and I just saw him. He looked at me, there was some eye contact for like 1 second but like usual I have to turn my head around. damn.


What should I do? I'm dying here.

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well, do you like him, or do you want to get over him? you say that you think he hates you, but i don't think he actually hates you, i think he's just confused about why you dumped him. im actually kind of confused...did you dump him because of what people were saying? i think if you like him, you should talk to him & be friends with him & see where that leads you. if you want to get over him, then i suggest just try not to think about him & keep your mind busy with other things.

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u rejected the guy over what other people said


hurt his pride and lost respect ..okay mistakes were made but u can rectify it


just go over and say hi , how are u ..seen u around ..wait for his reaction if positive then carry on if not then forget it


gluck but u know dont ever do this , put someone else down cause of what others think ...they are all just jealous make ur own decisons


remember people are just that people .dont let them affect you in ur personal realrionships or how u think about someone



just trust ur instincts and if u did HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM SO WHAT !!!


COMON I MEAN ITS A GOOD THING TO FIND SOMEONE ATTRACTIVE AND BEING DRAWN TO THEM SO nuthin wrong just put ur head up smile and say hey i like him so nuts to u guys


take care and its no big deal

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