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Advice Please (Meeting Someone)


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hello there


ah well it's been such a rough road to get to where i want to be right now and as i've said before, i'm going to go see the girl i've been talking to online for seven months on saturday.


yes, i know all of you would agree that i SHOULD have tried seeing her much earlier but that's okay. i'm finally seeing her. we went through a lot of stuff and problems together and still we're seeing eachother on saturday. we've learned A LOT from eachother through the internet and the phone. and i also know that all of you agree that people are different in person. and i DO keep that in mind, so all i'm asking is for some people's advice on meeting her ( i know i've mentioned this before in another post - and i read the advice from the kind people who responded - i did not forget) so i'm just clarifying all of this now, since back then i wasn't so sure if i was going to see her.


yet now it's official and i've been thinking about how i should act. i reeally really care for this girl, Heather. i feel so much for her, more than anyone and i am really looking forward to meeting her. if there's anyone out there who've experienced meeting people they met online, is there any advice?


i really really really really really hope everything works out between us


we've been through a lot of problems and i just want to meet her and enjoy being with her. But, there ARE drawbacks and such, and i always keep that in mind. but i'm going for it. and i reeally hope everything works out


oh yeah, and how should i act if i want to get close to her? i mean, she's never had a guy been reeeally close to her, and i'm afraid of doing something wrong if i reeally want to get close to her.


thank you all

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your going to be fine, nothing wrong is going to happen, really if you think about it what can happen (that is bad)..........nothing that i can see, you 2 are meeting for the first time, you have to relax around her, which will make her relaxed, it' has too be reciprocal, otherwise your just going to feel out of place, and even more uncomfortable around her, than when she leaves your going too feel bad, am i correct....so don't let that happen, like what the above poster said "be yourself" you can't go wrong with that advice.

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