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Well my ex had told me that we couldn't be friends less than a week ago. The today when I was checking my messages. There was one from her. She was saying that she wanted to make sure every thign was ok and that when I got this to call her b/c she really wanted to talk to me. SHould I call her? How should I act? What does this mean?

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First off, she misses you to a certain extent. She thought about what she said to you about "not being friends" and realizes that she was too harsh. She might want to apologize for saying those words. She loves you because she would have not contacted you, she could have easily brushed you off. She also feels guilty about what she said and want to make amends.


Please do not expect her to say "Oh baby I love you and I want us to get back together". She probably want to have a very friendly conversation. I would call her because she contacted you first.


This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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