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God-guys r weird

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OK, I broke up w/my b/f on Tues. and he seemed ok w/it and he supposedly by the next period had another g/f. I was like, that's cool, cuz we wont be awkward and we can stil be friends. Well, he told his best friend some crap I woulda preferred he kept to his friggin' self but I was like whatever I'll deny it and forget it. His best friend asked me out but then I noticed he was givin me the cold shoulder a few dayz later. I was like, well, I didnt like him anways. Me and my ex had been talkin b/c I still wanna hang with him cuz he's a cool person. Well, he's broke up with his g/f and telling everyone to "mention" to me that he loves me and misses me very badly. But, I dont feel the same way but I dont want to loose him as a friend, ya know? The reason I broke up with him is b/c we never went newhere and he never called me, and if I didnt sit/talk to him, he wouldnt even bother to come over to me. I got really tired of that, so I broke off our 4-mo relationship. He told me that I was beautiful and if I would give him a 3rd chance he would make up for being such a jerk. But I think that if I have to spell out even little things like calling me, the relationship isnt worth it. What should I do? What can I tell him that will let him down easy and why would he say crap about me then decide me cant live w/o me? Is there any way we can just be friends?

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