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Sexual Questions about my girlfriend


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Ok, I have some questions about sex. My girlfriend and I have both agreed that we would like to have sex with eachother very soon. I'm going to get some condoms probably on monday. I was looking at the "Her Pleasure lubricated Trojan" condoms. What condoms do you recommend. We are probably going to have sex while my parents are gone at the movies or something, because they always go to the movies on a certain day. This would allow the house to be open and us to have some time to fool around.


I know some of you are going to preach to me that I should wait, but we both want to have sex very badly. We love each other very much, and are ready for it. We are both virgins.


Anyway, my questions...


1) I finger my girlfriend quite a bit lately, and when we fool around for long periods of time she says that her vagina hurts for like a whole evening afterwards. Sometimes we are a little rough, and usually when it hurts it's because we've been fooling around for like 2 - 3 hours. Anyway, is this normal?


2) What condoms should I get?


3) Is it true that after I cum, I will most likely go limp for a few seconds aftewards? If that's true, should I withdraw from her before, during, or after that happens?


4) I know we should do some foreplay before, so we're both pretty wet and everything, what are any other suggestions that you have???



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I can pretty much guarnatee if she's a virgin shes gonna be sore the next day. make sure you go slow and dont be to forceful. From what ive heard most girls don't enjoy there first time but it will get better. Definently make sure to get her wet so it will be easier for her. get condoms with spermicide. i think those are the trojans in the blue box. don't get the extended pleasure condoms because they make your dick go numb. After you ejaculate it takes awhile before you go limp. plus after you ejaculate your penis is extra sensitive so i promise you after that you will want to stop and take a break. just pull out after you cum. If you guys wanna be extra romantic try to have simaltanious orgasms. Better yet save that for later. ok well have fun. hope i helped.

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Add some KY Jelly or Astroglide to your shopping list - part of why she's sore after fingering is she's probably getting a bit dry, and the friction rubs and abrades a bit then - though you don't always feel it til the next day. (It's a nice touch when you guys are both stimulating each other to add the lube, and she'll probably feel a GOOD bit more comfortable the next day.) Plus, I found the latex on the condoms can do the same thing, dry the girl out, and those lubricants are made specifically to work with the latex without degrading it (never use vaseline, or anything petroleum based, it'll react with the latex and weaken it!)

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