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Why is it my fault


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My youngest memory was you and mom fighting

When did you think it was ok when i was crying

Did i have to scream any louder to get you to stop

Then you left, then called, and still yet, i sobbed


You threatened to leave us and get your own place

All i remember was tears on moms face

The way you cornered her and made her freak

I hate how im like you, i hate when you speak


You never taught me the right thing to do

You just yelled when i was wrong then yelled at mom too

When we lived like slobs i cleaned up the piss

my house is clean now, yours i don't miss


You blamed my best friend for robbing our house

You know he didn't do it, i kept silent like a mouse

He was all I had and you took him away

Not like I had a real home, just a house to stay


Then you sent me away, tough love right

God damn you i hate you so much

You ruined my life and take no responsibility

What the hell did I do to you anyway?

You're not even worth this stupid poem anymore

Damn you for making me turn out just like you

When i hurt myself you blamed me and got mad,

what's your damn problem anyway you narcisisstic bastards

Can you say sorry just once?

Is that too much to f**** ask



Why is it my fault?

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It's not your fault.....I understand your rage, your pain, your unanswered questions.


And when I read your signature, I feel a sense of healing.


So, to quote you: "you are special and precious and important"


I have immense respect for your healing journey, and so many of us are right there with you, working through the same incredible pain.


Love is greater than fear.

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