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It still hurts...


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I'm no expert in the female anatomy, but I do know that if something hurts, you should tell your boyfriend to stop doing it.


This is a good lesson for you for the future. You aren't doing ANYONE a favor by allowing yourself to be hurt.


The pain could be anything from lack of fluid to.. who knows.. again, I'm no expert, but if you finger yourself and it hurts, maybe you want to see a doctor.


Anyway, my main point is, affection should NEVER hurt. Sex should NEVER hurt. When it does, say something and make them stop. That is VERY IMPORTANT for you to remember.


I also don't suggest you go all the way until you are in a long-term, loving relationship. The reprocussions of casual sex make a list that goes on forever.

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but the guys havent accually like went all the way in me..lol cuz im so freakin tight..and it hurts..but they dont no it hurts


Well reason your tight is because your not relaxed, and your not relaxed because you know its going to hurt. and of course thats why it doesn't feel good.


Most guys, especially young inexperienced ones, really don't know how to finger that well, they are usually too rough.


Do you masturbate? how do you do it?, tell your bf too do it the way you like and is pleasurable to you.


Whatever you do, don't ever do anything that hurts just so that you can make your bf happy. if its uncomfortable make him change the way he is doing it. don't be uncomfortable just for "his" sake.

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hey it beats the pain.....right


i should add a little more to this so here, i think this might guide you in the right direction, if you search the bottom part of the home page of this web-site you will start to see topics that you can post on, But inside are articles that really help make people understand the material, in your case stimulation / masturbation, so if you look under "sex And Romance" *for women* you might be able to get some more in depth info. I'm not sure because I'm a guy, and i don't read those articles, so I'll provide the link you just start browsing it...OK!

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