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She said she's cheated on her boyfriends before!


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I was with my girlfriend last night and she told me I was very different then the other boyfriends she's had. I asked why. She said, "because I seriously care about you. Then she said that just about every other boyfriend she's had, she has cheated on, but that she wouldnt do that to me. she also said she didnt care about them really. I didnt know how to respond...and she said, "you dont think I'd cheat on you, do you? I said to just let it go. Then she said, no, we're not letting it go. I promise, I would never cheat on you. Do you believe me? I never did respond and eventually changed the subject. I dont know what to think. Apart of me is saying, she'll cheat on me because she has with her other boyfriends. Then apart of me is saying, maybe not because she admitted to cheating before with other people and I didnt have to try and make her admit it and she just admitted it herself. Also, we were both really drunk that night and I know alcohol is a truth serum. So, what should I do? How should I go about this?

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I pesonally think this woman wants you to believe that she is just being friendly with the guys she plans to cheat on you. Theres no reason to bring up the subject of cheating to begin with.

That happened to me. My ex told me all of a sudden, that she wasnt a woman who plays people and then after a month or so she started going out with guys behing my back. She even once told me she wasnt ready for a relation-ship and then the next week we went to a bar and she started flirting rigth in front of me.


So the next time this woman asks you if you believe weather she is able to cheat on you, tell her "Im sure almost as you believe that I wont do the same to you" ..Listen carefully to your guts man.

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Never assume trust, it must be earned.


You failed to mention how long you have both been together and the level of your relationship.


Dealing with your new fear, you must realize the truth of her past. She has cheated before on her past boyfriends. Know that there are two stories to everything. There might be reasons for her actions.


But take heed, this could also be a warning of notice to you.


Your best route would be to discuss with her the exact reasons of her cheating in her past.


Ask probing questions, for example:


"What made you cheat?"

"Did you cheat out of anger?"


Either way, don't let this be a end to your relationship. Gain strength in it by learning how to cheat your woman better as well as protecting yourself.


But either way, please do not assume trust, it must be earned.


Good luck to you.

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you will never know if she would cheat on your or not. if she has cheated in teh past with almost every one that makes the probablity that she would cheat on you very good. Do you not think that maybe she told the other guys teh same thing she has told you? if she has cheated then she is a liar, and apparently a compulsive one at that. She obviously has little or no rehard for relationships or others feelings. Can you live with the constant suspicion?find someone who is honest and actually cares for other people

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