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quit my job and I feel horrible


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I quit my job on tuesday due to an incidentthat occurred with the owner of the company and myself.


I am happy that I got out of an abusive situation. I had worked at the job for 10 days. (if you look in the career posts I have one there explaining the situation)


Now I am suffering. I feel horrible, in shock, like I am going through grief. I feel like I am on the great non joyous roller coaster, and am Extremely anxious because I dont have any savings to back me up. I left on the spot because I felt threatened and that was the only way out.


I really need some support I dont really know what to do to get everything under some semblance of control. I am scared, I am angry, I am sad I am confused. any advice or anything would be helpful.



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hey crinklecat


ive been following your story, and you should feel very happy that you got out of that situation that you were in. It wasnt for you and you werent being treated fairly.


i know how when a person quits their job, it some how affects their entire emotional life also, as in your case. The best thing you could do is stay positive! you wont be unemployed forever. just look around, and try and keep ahead of things. until you get back on your feet finance wise, just take it slow, and keep thinking you did the best thing for yourself, even though you cant see it now.


when huge decisions such as these are made, they have a tendency to turn our whole lives upside down for a period. this will pass, but i understand its a bit overwelming.


Best of luck to you. Keep positive, and dont forget you did the right thing!



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hey crinklecat.

i know what your talking about through your last posts. and a great big well done for ending the job under such situations and circumstances as some people could be intimidated by this.

your feelings are as you said more than likely (on a majority basis) built up because you are scared of what income you are getting in or arent getting in.

are you at the moment searching for a new job? or have you got a ob centre where you can register?

i dont know where your located or maybe i didnt pick up on it, but where i am we have something where you enter as if a job, ask for certainaspects or regions you would like to go into, be interviewed and as jobs come they will offer you these oppotunities. do you have anything like this? because i feel it would be something that ould relieve stress and something to fall back on if you dont find a new job or sort out the last. you could always turn them down. id give it a try.


anyway i'll have to have a think of different options. but good luck and im sorry your feeling this way. however, when you get settled in a new and fresh job you enjoy, you will see the brightness to this life event!


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At times, I have felt like you in life. I took control of the situation and never looked back.


I can only give some career advice... personal advice would be best addressed by others.


You need to educate yourself in a trade that makes you a specialist. This will take YEARS. But remember, the difference between successful people and frustrated people is that successful people DO WHAT NO ONE ELSE IS WILLING TO DO.


You need to study and work harder to a level that few are willing to do.


This will give you control and a plan and a future.


Lay down your 5 year plan and follow through. I see that as the only way to win this battle.


I went from making $9 an hour and frustrated in a small town in Wisconsin to making $90k per year with a great future in Chicago in the matter of 6 years.




I suggest closing your eyes and imagining future self walking into your room. What do you want to see your future self saying? Who is with your future self? Why is your future self smiling?


Good luck!! Pray to God for what he expects of you. Then go for it and NEVER look back.

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