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Personality is all that counts!!!!!!!!


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Hey everyone. Tonight i went to a christmas ball at school, and had a great time for once. Last year, it was really boring and i didnt have a good time at all. But i think since ive grown up and and really more mature, i didnt think a year made a huge difference, that ive learned where i fit in more. Like, when we first got there i was hanging around with the normal friends. But all the friends i thought were my best friends, seemed to spread out and do their own things. So i was with one of my best friend Jen, who i realized is a TRUE best friend, because we can do whatever around eachother and not be embarrassed but just have a good time. Towards the end of the night, we started hanging around a group of guys who arent the most popular or most accepted people. They are just out to have a good time, literally. I enjoyed being aroudn them so much, and didnt want the night to end.


My point in posting, is not to ask a question and hope for a response. But i wanted everyone to realize that first impressions will keep you from meeting all sorts of people. jsut because someone is punk and you arent, or whatever the case is, does not mean that you shouldnt talk to them. I thought these guys were immature and "weird" but they turned out to be the biggest sweethearts and HILARIOUS ppl in the whole dance tonight. One of them, the one i was talkin to the most and am starting to like, stepped on my foot, and i dindt have shoes on, and he turned around and held my arm and said....im so sorry, and he was sincere and truly just sweet. Then my friend said to one of the other guys.......u guys dont talk to me in art class, u need to be my friends ( and she was just being funnny and stuff,m but meant it ) and he gave her a hug and said he was sorry and she should come sit with them,


All the other guys at my school were just staring at boobs and booty lol. SO all i can say is jsut look for the people who make u feel good, not the ones who u think make u look good.


BTW the dance got out an hour early because of the snow, and thats sad because i was having way too much of a good time with these guys LOL.

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