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i feel like i'm hanging off a ledge


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ok, i've erased another post. but i won't waste your time. i hate that. i do it all the time..... as soon as i posted this i realized that i couldn't tell anyone, not even anonimously, not to everyone in the whole damn world like this. i can barely say anything to anyone at all. so i've erased my original message again. i'm not sure why.

wheee i'm failing five classes. i can't seem to make myself care. i told my mom before that i really don't care about school, but she just told me to shut up and never say that again. but telling my parents anything has been out of the picture for years now. i hate their guts, they're making me paranoid. everytime they open their mouths i just want to kill them. i can't tell anyone about cutting my arms. i told one person that i used to, but that's not true, it just keeps getting worse. i have to get OUT of here.

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I don't know who you are, but I want to just tell you to hang on. You're a teenager I'm assuming. You're going through adolescence, and you're feeling the despair that comes with that. The reason you have despair is that you actually think deeply about things, unlike people you probably know who go through the halls of your school mouth-breathing and following the herd. So be proud that you're an individual who feels.


That said, this cutting stuff has to stop. NOW. Talk to a doctor or nurse if you want to go to a stranger, or the person you trust most to take care of you now.


And if you're doing the goth thing or whatever, you might want to think twice. Being a laid back hippy type is cool, too, and the music's so much better.


Change your tag line and don't watch that kind of shit. Get into Woody Allen if you want some company in your misery. Talk to your inner child; talk to yourself out loud, make yourself laugh. Pretend your soulmate is watching you. Dude, this will get better.

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theres some great advice there starstruck72.


hey tainted soul.

do you mind me asking how far you are into education? as you say you are failing five of your classes, is this to the degree that you will not pass them or have you go tneough time to rekindle the wanting to do well and commit to this? i understand what and where you are coming from as i am in college/school which ever they have decided to call it. and i understand some times classes are not as what they seem, not motivational or not providing the source of education in the way you'd like to be taught. people learn through different ways and sometimes such things as just being givcen a book and a page number isnt good enough. is there anyway of talking to the teachers or even a school council if you have one. as when i once addressed the matter of teaching we were given more involved methods. this could help.


i also feel you should talk to your parents more about this. im guessing there taking you for a typical rebelious teenager who doesnt want to do the work, which is obviously not correct as you feel ashamed of this and have also come for advice.


have you tried different methods of learning?

how does it make you feel to be in those five lessons?


all of these questions could be summed up into what is best by looking what you want to be in the future? do you want to go through education and into something such as law which will take you through college and university if so you dont want to have to go through the stage of doing any additional years that will put you behind. or possibly not at the stage of your social group.


about the self harming, is your friend supporting you with this, you say its getting worse so im assuming your saying that you do need the extra help to control this if possible. does your parents on other members or possibly school understand this?


sorry about all the questions, but hopefuly you could provide the answers so i could help more. feel free to PM me.


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