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Weird, Unusual, ???


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I think it's so much easier to talk to people when you don't know them and you aren't being judged in any manner. At first I came here seeking advice, and that has been very helpul. But now I find that I am getting more out of reading other peoples situations and being able to reflect upon my own life and in turn, respond thoughtfully.


This has truly been a growing experience for me. Thanks to everyone here.

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I'm with Ameliamolly..................she hit it right on the head. I do think however fighting is very negative energy,and you ought to find some way to have a truce. They do it in war, why not with friends.But you both have to mean it. Sometime saying your sorry helps to. But it has to be sincere.





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There's also that you feel more comfortable bickering a little with people you trust to be friends regardless. I know my best buddy and I go through spots where we bicker and argue, especially if one of us is stressed, because the understanding is there that even if one of us acts like a bit of a jerk at times, we'll still be friends regardless. Just like you know sibs can argue and fuss, but stand up for each other to other people, you can get like that with your trusted friends, cause you're not trying to make an impression and worry they won't like you the next day!


Only cautionary thing is, as was said - if you act like a jerk, don't let pride stop you from admitting it the next day!

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everyones got a great point to this.

i feel that you being able to argue and still remain as you say a great buddy. is a very good aspect to the friendship. it seems that obviously you understand what the other is saying, giving your own opinions and being perfectly okay with this afterwards. or is it not like that?


i know that i sometimes argue with my friends but this is only because i feel completely open to state my opinions knowing afterwards they will be exactly the same peson towards me as they were before.


i wouldnt worry about it too much unless as said by another member...what are these argument about? is they are under bad circumstances and not understood and let go or compramised afterwards it would be a different situation.

good luck.


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