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Very confused! help, ideas and opinion needed


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ok some of you might of read my other topics, i got this mad crush on this girl (never had it this bad before) and its killing me. I think im getting obsessed with her or something, everytime i see her my whole body just goes cold and then hot again, i forget everything, and time slows down. I get sad and depressed when i dont see her in the halls.


Anyways back to the part that confuses me.


A few days ago, i was in the halls alone, getting a drink of water. When i turned around she was walking by, i looked at her and she looked at me, one second took a hour, she smilled at me and said "hi" (think she blusehd, i think i did too) i smirked back and said "hey". She made my day, but now, everytime i see her, as soon as she sees me she looks away to the sides, but i think shes just as nervous as i am, and tries to hide her interest. Maybe shes just nervous when other people are around in the halls? People say im pretty good looking, and i think (not trying to be mean) she doesn't get hit on alot. Is she maybe intiminated?


Please help me, its depressing, because i thought i got a step closer, but now it seems like im sooo far away again. I really want to get serious with her, shes special and i wont give up on her just yet. NOT THIS TIME


I saw her at work a few times, and she blushed when a fellow co worker made me laugh. I think she was thinking i was smiling at her? It was a few days before the day she said "Hi" to me.

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Hey, tomekk!

I really think that you should take a chance and ask this girl out.

Because, as you no doubt already know, uncertainty is a big problem standing between you and hers way to eachother. As you suggested, that she might be uncertain and shy as well. Just do it, buddy. If it works out, it'll be well worth it


*thumbs up*

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