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My life as a tragedy. How do I fix it?


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This story starts about two years ago. At a random party, I met this girl and we started to go out more and more as the months went on. She went home for the summer, but we kept close contact. Everything was great when she moved back.


She had three room-mates that I got along with great. We were always together, and for the first time, that was great for me.


Years before this, I was always a loner. I would date someone for a few months, then I would suddenly move on with little or no explainations. All these women would let go, and most I havn't heard from since. I didn't treat them badly, but I know doing that was the wrong.


As time went on, things slowed down as they always do. I really loved her, and still do, but things started to get in the way. My approval with her friends went south, but it didn't even phase her. We both absolutly trusted one another and could depend on each other. Her grades started failing, and we knew that she was going to have to quit school and move back home.


Her home was long away, and my relationship before her and I was a long distance relatioinship which ended horribly. I didn't want to go through the same thing again, so I broke it off. Once again, I completely shut her out. After a few weeks of her calling me, she moved on.


I felt horrible and I know if she would have stayed we would still be together. Instead I tucked tail and ran at the first sign of trouble.


I started dating another girl as she started dating another guy. I didn't have any feelings about her dating someone else, and I was happy that she had found a guy as good as he is. I am sure she didn't like me dating someone else, but it just happened.


After a few months, my current relationship started to fail. It is nothing personal, but she isn't the one for me, and I think I let the one away.


I am prepared to do anything to ger her back, but I know things don't work out like that. I feel her new guy is probably a better man than me, but I don't care. We spent a large percentage of our lives together, and I want to do everything I can for her.


Even if she says yes or no, I just want her happy. Her forgivness would be all I need. I don't believe lightning strikes twice, so this is my last chance.


I don't understand why every decision I have ever made has been wrong. Maybe it is bad luck or karma, but now I have an answer. I have already put my life on hold, and I am putting things in reverse. I need to fix the past before I can move on.

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You already have the answer in trying to get her back. So what are you waiting for? You worry too much for anything to work out totally well. Just go ahead and do what you want to do. Win her back, tell her how much you love her, just do it.


Sometimes, men are afraid of failure. Haven't you thought that women are equally afraid of it too? You shut her out first, so, do something really good and that is going to make her come back to you. But, not to give you any false hopes, she might not. She might have thought that the guy of her life is already here. If she did tell you that wish her happiness. That's the least you can do for her.


No one is ever good enough for another person. its how one wants to make for this un-goodness. Are u going to dwell on it or work on it. Long distance relationship might actually work out fine. But u have this lingering fear, which isn't too healthy. Fret not, let go of your fears and expectations and try. You will never know the results.


Hope that helps.

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