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Hello first of all i will start from the start of mine and her relationship. I had a friend that was dating this one girl, and i started hanging out with them more and more. Then before i new it she started liking me. I didnt no what to do then she broke up with my best friend and then he was begging me to start dating her. I started because she was a really nice person. I really didnt like her that much at start, but she reall really liked me and before i new it i started really starting to like her. She is the best person in the world to be around. I have fallen in love with her and i have told her about it, and she tells me that she loves me to. Well to cut the story short, we have been dating for 4 months and it was going great, then last night she called me and we started talking and she said that she was really confused about what she wants to do and where she wants to take this realtionship. I told her if she was that confused about it maybe we sould take a brake for a while so we didnt brake up but we are just giving each other some room to thank. Do u think this is a good idea or not? What should i do i really really love this girl and i am willing to do anything for her. i need some advice on what i should do.

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Hello Superman


You did the right thing!! your doing OK, just give her, her space and hope she sorts things out. she may need to look at her relationship with you from the outside in, to make sure its what she wants.


So don't pressure her, or act sad or angry etc. which you seem to be doing right, you handled it maturely. good!


Lil_mamarians advice to always be honest with how you feel is good, your GF knows you love her, if shes not ready for that love now, well maybe she will someday in the future, its not a now or never situation remember that. be patient, and never close that door!


Good luck

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4 months seems to be a turning point for relationships. Sometimes people get overwhelmed and need to step away just a little bit to take it all in and be sure the direction they are going is the path they want to follow.


With you both coming away from the situation where you and her x-bf were friends she may have some issues to get over. There may be some guilt for having feelings for you before she was broken up with him.


Be sure to give her the space and take your break too. If you two are in love and meant to be together then things will work out.

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