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i'm sooo in love with my ex boyfriend although I broke with

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We had this really serious relationship for a teenage couple - we were together almost a year...But i have a problem- when i fall in love i give everything from myself. Thus in case sth happens the heartbreak is unbearable for me...After a few weeks away from each other he seemed not so close and a certain distance started to grow between us because of me- I grew colder towards him beacause i was so afraid he might decide to break up with me…I was so wrong- he loved me with his whole heart…But I was so insecure about my feelings- I don't know why but I seemed to convince myself I couldn't bear him!!! I was cold and foolish and one day –unexpectedly even for me- I told him I wanted us to be "just friends"…He was a wreck…I had NEVER EVER seen a boy crying and crying like that…It was painful even to watch him. Furthermore he was one of the strongest of spirit people I've met…Anyway there was a holiday starting soon and he begged me to consider our relationship during this vacation and come back to him..He called me several times and said "I love you"…But I wanted to be absolutely sure about my feelings and didn't answer him…During the holiday I decided I wanted to come back to him but when school started he began to act as if he didn't even know me…We had some rows and during one of them he admitted that his friends made him said all the $%#% he said…I tried so hard- I went all the time to him , tried to be at least a best friend if not a girlfriend…But he refused to let me near him…I confessed him my sincere love and he replied with silence (just a month after he wrote in a poem to me that "I will wait for you until my dying day..in the profound") and just a week afterwards he started to date another. I'm afraid I'm too partial about her, so here are other people's words about her " Really dump (she said Einstein was a writer "/" Too self confidant and malicious"/"Ugly"…I'm the first student from my grade, my friends say I'm one of the kindest persons they've known …And with my boyfriend we discussed various subjects and EVERYTHING you can think of ..he can't talk about almost anything with her because he's Turkish and she's Bulgarian and she doesn't speak any Turkish and knows only a few English words…I love him so much, but he said he was so heartbroken that he wanted to forget about me now and that his heart still wanted me but his mind wished to forget me and he'll do everything he can to do it…

HOW CAN I CONVINCE HIM THAT THIS GIRL ISN"T FOR HIM? (except a lovers we were also best friends and I can't possibly let him be with a girl like that –not to mention that she hangs with other boys and a friend of mine said she also gets laid with 'em) HOW CAN I WIN HIS TRUST AND LOVE? SOS, please


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Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to this question of yours. However, my advice to you is this. Get him to sit down with you to talk. Tell him you made a mistake and that you want to make things right with him. If he won't let you talk to him, write him a letter. If he still wants to be left alone and this girl really is as bad as you say she is, he'll come to his senses soon enough. In the meantime, just be a friend to him. A friend will be invaluable to him when the time comes. Trust me on this.


Hope this helps.

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Hey gurl!


Similar thing happened to me. I think he has to go through the same thing that you went through. I say to just tell him that whenever he wants to consider you being in his life again, to call you. Tell him that you'll always welcome him back.


And keep your promise! Don't try to pay him back. THat just backfires. Like he's doing to you.


IF you leave him an open invitation, if he used to love you, he'll get this feeling back especially if his new girl is as cracked up as you claim her to be.


I wish you all the best!




this is a test "

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