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Change Jobs? Or Stick With It?

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I recently just reached my one year mark with the current company I work for. In a 12 month period, I have only received a twenty cent raise, which would make my pay $6.70 an hour, plus differential pay add twenty-five cents. I work 10+ hour days including weekends. If you want to take a day off you need two weeks notice and a prayer. It's rare for someone to get a preplanned day off around here. If you take a day off sick, you get a point, and this office runs on the point system. If you aquire too many points you go on a verbal to written to final, then termination. It can all happen really quick. My issue is, I've run accross an old friend who just recently opened up her own business and has offered me a job in office administration. The problem is, this job is only seasonal from November to April (lettuce season). I would love to take the job, granted it would be longer hours, but better pay and with some great benefits. I've discussed it with my current employer and they've expressed that if I were to take a "leave of absense" for those months they could not promise that my job will still be here when I return. Or it would be here, but I would be forced to go through training again. Another point I brought accross was maybe I could work part time at both places to retain my job that I currently hold, but also bring in some extra income from working at the new place. Yet again, I got a shifted answer of, "Maybe, we'll see what corporate says." I guess I just need a kick in the right direction, any and all information would be greatly welcomed.

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It sounds like you are unhappy in your current position. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


If you have an opportunity that it looks like you will like, pays better, has better benefits, and such then go for it. Since you already know its seasonal you could be looking for a job during this time so that come April you were ready with some alternatives.


And who knows, maybe the job you are going to will turn into more if your friend's business is successful. Sure it involves some risk, but you never get ahead without taking the occasional risk here and there.


Give it a try!

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Greetings DoorMouse,


Well you have to see what are you day to day expenses plus what kind of savings you have. $6.70 Hmm you can try to get job in a book shop, civil service, etc. In my opinion if finance wise you can afford to be unemployed for a short period of time then why not to take the offer.


Plus you will get new work experience. And who knows maybe then you will get some good offers


All the best,



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It sounds like the company you currently work for doesn't care much for their employees. Two weeks notice for a day off is standard, but if you request off, you should be able to get it unless there is a large project you are involved in or its a busy season. And since they're not trying too hard to keep you as their employee, you'd be best to find a new job. I'm guessing, because of the pay and the sound of it, that it's some sort of retail job or food service job. Both are a dime a dozen, and there are alot of companies that treat their employees like crap, but there are a few that do treat their employees with some respect. Go for the other job for the time being, and, if you want to, try to get your old job back at the end of the season. If not, im sure with your experience that you can go somewhere else.


Good luck!

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