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Hey! I need advice fast on this one


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Hi, where do i start lol...well i got this guy friend and want to be more than friends with him but im extremely shy just like he is. Lately hes been paying attention to me, always talking to me, smiling alot, and always jokes. Hes got a great sense of humor. But anyways, how do i know if he likes me for sure so i dont make a fool out of myself by asking if he does like me. We had a conversation the other day, a song came on the radio and he was mentioning to me that "its sure hard for guys to impress gurls they like", i was like wow, where did that come from ....hes also good friends with my bro and for some reason when hes around my bro and i and the friends of ours, he acts differently, like hes scared to show that he likes me, then when were by ourselves hes just the total sweetie...should i be more forward that i like him than maybe it will be easier for him to ask me out?? another thing, sorry for boring u guys , this guy asked me one time when we out in the bar....and there were lots of hot chicks there or whatever, and he asked me "did u find a girlfriend for me back there in the bar"?? i mean why would he say something like that...to let me know that hes lookin for a gf...i dont know LOL! but if u could please give me some advice on how to go about this it would be great,..thanx

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It sounds that your friend may be a little unsure of himself around your brother. It would be best if you simply ask him some hypothetical questions. For example, you could ask him if would date you. You could ask him if any of his close friends would be happy or proud to date you.


This way you get some answers from him without facing embarrassment from him and giving him some safety.


As far as the question in the bar, perhaps he wanted to talk to you and just said the first thing that crossed his mind. From what you telling us, it does sound that he could be interested but a little shy and questioning if something could really happen.


You best course of action is to get this guy alone and find out what he is thinking.


Good luck to you.

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