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What Should I Do?


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In my last post, I have stated that my mum would take me for a check-up. But it happens on that day the doctor would not be available. So, my parents, I figure as scared as I am has decided not to take me for the checkup. Should I insist on going?? I'm so confused..... I know most people will ask me to go for it but I'm scared... I feel like something is wrong with me but it is also logical that I'm sick because of me worrying too much and being lonely. My parents fear that the doctors in my place would not be truthful. Most of them seems only to care about money. We have faced that quite a lot of times in my family.


As for the many problems I faced, my mother still stays firm with her decision not to let me see the psychologist. The answer she gave me for my question why she would not let me see the psychologist was logical. But I really don't know what to do. She assumes that I want to see the psychologist just because of a problem, which is not true.


I have tried speaking to her but she just would not listen. She says that I do not need the psychologist. I can't go to the school counsellor now as it's a school holiday in my country. And I'm not a christian. Seeing that my mother objects me seeing a psychologist, she wouldn't let me go to church for help too. I don't know what to do.


Please help. Thanks.

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You are in a very difficult situation. I am not sure what country you are located in, but I do understand that in some places the doctors really just want your money. We hosted an au-pair from one of the eastern European countries (out of respect I will not say which one) and she told us the same thing. That is difficult, although if you do feel very sick it would be best to try and see a doctor anyway. Hopefully they will do the right thing.


It is ok that you are not Christian. It does not matter what faith you are, you can go to any house of worship for help. Even if you are not of their faith or if you doubt that you have faith. They will try to help you. Hopefully they will be more aware of what is available in your country than I am.


How long is your school holiday? Do you think you can wait until the holiday is over and then talk to your school counselor?



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