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Hey I'm moving on, but.....

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I've decided to move b/c that's all that's left to do. My ex is mad at me and told me she didn't think the friend thing would work right now. She's involved heavily with another guy. I feel like poo. Does anyone think that she'll ever call me again or even see me. I just hope that maybe in the future we can reconcile things and even though we've both been hurt bad, still be friends and maybe more one day. I need some Good Storied about people that had bad break ups and evetually got together after overcoming many obstacles. Please tell me there's a chance.

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In my honest opinion, there is always a possibility that your ex will return. Me an my girlfriend broke up in October. I moved away for a little while to Virginia. I have spoken with her several times since then. She called me twice yesterday and email me this morning saying that I am special to her. She also emailed me two weeks ago saying that she still loves me and misses me, her, and her daughter being a family.


Since our break-up, I have not contacted her under any circumstances. She has intiated all the contact, but I do resond to her when she makes contact. I still love her, I want her back, but I am taking my time. I want it to be right. Love is so fickle! When she calls I conversate with her, but I am always the one who end the conversation. I miss her so much, but its about survival. I am putting myself first!


She has not told me that she met somebody, but I assuming there is a big chance. If it does happen, there is nothing I can do about it. I will wish her well.


Your situation is complex. She is already involved, which means there are feelings developing especially if he is nice to her. Just wish her the best and leave the situation alone. Live your life. If its meant to be then she will find her way back to you.

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