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2 advice requests!

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got 2 here....


first one.


over the weekend, i stayed over at my best friends place (my ex gf) and we had lots of fun and stuff, and sometimes it felt like we were connecting again, you know...

and it feels like that a lot more than it used to about 2 or 3 weeks ago. but my problem is, it was her who ended our relationship mid-summer because i just wasn't good enough as a boyfriend, ie, didn't care enough etc... i know that's true, well... i have showed her that i care a lot for her, and she has noticed, and sometimes (including over the weekend) when she's in bed, i just sit on her bed and stuff, and we talk, and at some point she'll fall asleep, so that's when i go to bed myself, and it feels as if we're REALLY close, and feels like it did when we were together.

And sometimes, we flirt a little, and when i talk to her, most of the time she gives me a great smile and stuff....

am i going the right way if i wanna end up together with her again?

i dunno if i am, today in school - she had dirt on her 'behind' and i'm like "hey... you got some dirt on your behind" lol. i think she didn't really appreciate me saying that, she wasn't pissed off or anything, but she gave me a thumbs up and that was that.... so dunno.. lol




my second advice request.


Also about her, i was over at her house over the weekend, as i mentioned above. And her brother (who's 16 - she's 15) has life a bit difficult, due to school and all kinds of stuff... and her mom always (even for stuff she has nothing to do with) has a go at her as well as him, most of the time she shouts at her more than him, even if she has nothing to do with the situation, and she always feels real sad and everything....

i mean, i couldn't go to her mom and say "hey, don't give her shit if it's his fault" you know?

but any idea?




if you reply for one of the two, thanks, if for both, thanks a lot too.


btw, if they make no sense, or are confusing (which they could well be) then i'm sorry, i'm tired. lol

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it sounds as though you are going about it all the right way. however, it could take awhile since she broke up with you, you need to prove to her that you are going to treat her differently, if you plan on it of course. what exactly did you not care about before that you care about now that will prove to her that you have changed in that way? thats so cool that you both are so close like that. for some people its hard to be best friends with their ex. any ways, about the second one, there's not really much you can do. you need to respect her mother, even if her mom yells at her for nothing. her mom is probably just under a lot of stress with your ex's brother. some times parents can get like that. just be there for your friend & if she needs to complain to some one about it, then tell her you will listen.

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