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It's completely over!! Need some advice

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This morning ym ex called me and yelled at me about reading a letter that was laying open in her room. Well her bf read my letter to her and she didn't get upset with him. Well she also yelled about me talking to her friend, b/c I really had no one else to go to. She also told me the truth that she did sleep with two guys after we had broken up. I guess she never really loved me at all. Her mom even told her that i read that letter, b.c she saw me upset about it. I trusted her mother as a friend and Ashley b/c she was becoming my friend also. Now they betrasyed my trust and I betryaed Emily's and she betryaed mine. After 2 years of dating it came to this. I told I was happy that she was happy and that I wished her the best. She said you too but didn't sound like she meant it. Right now I love and have hatred for her at the same time. Did I mean nothing to her? I'm going to have to move on, but my heart is broken. I can't believe she'd have sex with two guys alsmost directly after I had left. I wish I'd never even left for Chicago. I hate myself right now and I hate my life. Don't worry I'll get through and I'm not going crazy but I moved back for her, borke my lease and went into debt for her. quit my job for her. This is how she treats me. She told me that the friend thing isn't going to work right now. So that sucks b/c I had bought her some Christmas gifts. I'm such a loser.

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You are not a loser man, she just sounds so selfish. She is no longer the girl you fell in love with, and if it makes any sense, they guys didn't sleep with the girl you fell in love with. She is gone.


Someday I hope your devotion pays off on someone who is worth it and appreciates it. Good luck!

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