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1 step forward 5 steps back!

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its been two weeks and one day since my girlfriend broke up with me. i know that its supposed to be getting easier, but its actually getting harder as more time passes. everyday i realize that she hasn't called. the thoughts go throuh my head everyday of what she's doing and who she's with. i decided to do the no contact rule and i have been sticking by it. this is the only way that i can ever heal; never seeing or talking to her. just when i was feeling a little better, she text messaged me on my phone the day before thanksgiving and told me to have a good thanksgiving. i did not reply back however. what does this mean and why did she do that? i love her so much still, but i don't want to hear from her unless she wants to be back with me. we decided that we weren't going to be friends because it would hurt too much. i am too scared to call her or find out any information about her because i might hear something that will hurt me worse. i stay in my apartment on the weekends from fear of seeing her out with someone else. the thing that is confusing me the most is why she text messaged me! all that did was make things worse. i miss her so much and i don't know if i will be able to make it during the holidays without her. i graduate college in three weeks and i will probably never see her again. that scares the hell out of me. just when things get a little better, they get a lot worse.

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Man. don't mean to sound cruel but you need to wake up and smell the bacon. It appears that you are finding it hard to face the reality that she is gone and you are hiding away from your life everytime to want to ignore her. Why she is texting you, I don't know. It may appear that she is poking fun at you but I think she knows the kind of person you are and she is either trying to make you see that despite the breakup she is moving on with her life or genuinely txting you to show you that the fact that she broke up with you does not mean that she hates you or doesn't care. More likely than not, I think it's the latter. Either way, this is a call for you to wake up and honestly look into the reason why the relationship failed. Take your responsibility for your contribution and move on. Why are you hiding. If she texts you next time, text back returning the compliment or greeting, that will show that you're mature and not childish or tell her to get lost if you're so bitter. I hope you'll take the former.


I know breakups hurt but hey, that's life. Just learn your lessons, move on and pray to God for wisdom. If you don't believe there's one, find spirituality now, 'cos you're current state ain't gonna get you anywhere. Trust me, I've been there. Need any more advice, send me a private message

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