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Help - does anyone have any stories about moving on?

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I just need someone to tell me that this gets better. My ex broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and I am still having massive amounts of trouble thinking about anything else. (See my other posts for the full story).


Does anyone have any insight as to how long it takes to stop feeling so damn bad? I feel crazy for posting on this forum every other day.


I have no idea how I'll feel when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I feel like I've swallowed my heart and I'll never find it again. Other times I feel like this breakup was the best thing to have happened to me.


I am struggling to get through this. I don't want to get caught in a pathological cycle of despair over this.


So any advice is appreciated.



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Hey, sorry to her your struggling.


Listen dude, it does get easier, the time depends on lots of things, how strong your feelings are, how it ended, how long you were together. I seem to remember reading somewhere it takes 1 month for every year you are together to cope with a break up, obviously it depends on the person though.


It does get better, I was in an 8 year relationship which went the way of the pear, but after a few months I met someone else, might not last but at least its getting me over the long relationship.


Hang in there, when your ready get out and try and land some dates, nothing like someone new to take your mind of someone old!


Good Luck.

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hey there... let me just say this... do not stress out over this. i went thru the same ordeal back in august and it has taken me up to this time to be completely over my ex. but during the time since then, i have done things that i have wanted to do... hung out with friends, travelled places, even met some people. all this helped me cope with the "loss" of a relationship. but as i found out, having time to myself is what really helped... it gave me an outlook of what i don't want in a relationship and thereforeeee, when i find another person i want to share a life with, then i'll know the good and the bad.


what i am trying to say is take this time for you. it won't be easy but you have to be willing to look past the past and move on... no one can tell you to do so.


keep an upper lip and i hope everything works out for you. i hope this helps!

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Hey I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Seriously I wouldn't wish this pain not even on my worst enemy. My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago and I just found out that she is talking to someone else. All the sadness plus way more came back and is causing me total devastation.


To be totally honest, nothing helps. I have met other people, gone out bought clothes. It sucks, I want her back now more than ever. I have never had suicidal thoughts and find myself to be a totally normal person but I having them now.


If anyone has any advice please help.



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my X left back in august.. even now i still think every day about her. from what i hear, she is hooked up with another guy.


i wrote her friday after having a couple of drinks, she wrote me back sunday saying she misses me etc.


then today she wrote me back saying i will make a great husband and great father...


it sure isn't easy everything ending!


all i say is hang in there.... day by day things will get better sooner or later.


i am taking a power yoga class, and i think there is a girl in it that likes me.. i am determined to introduce myself tomorrow evening!


as per X's getting hooked back up after, i have no idea how. i was thinking yesterday about getting hooked up again, but if i did all i would do is compare the new one to the old one..


so just try to relax.. you will feel better eventually!


as the site says, you are not alone!

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