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She's mad at me, did I ruin my chances?


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Well ok I was dating this girl for almost 2 years. We lost baby together over the summer. I then was offered a nice job in Chicago. Since the baby thing I took as a sign and it made me think a lot about our relationship and I had some unanswered questions. So I broke it off before I left. We talked every night while I was there. She also jumped right into a new relationship. She claims to be in love after only 3 1/2 months with this bone head. IS this a rebound? Will it last? Well anyways I quit my job and moved back home. I wanted to marry this girl and I still would. It's been 2 weeks and I told her how I felt and wrote her a great letter. She told me that she loved me as a friend and nothing more. She didn't say that nothing would or wouldn't happen again for us in the future. My fear is this guy who also claims to love her, will marry her before they actually know each other. Well she called me today and was mad at me b/c one day I was lookng for a pen in her room and I found her diary. I didn't read it, but it fell and the back opened up. There I saw what I believe to be a list of names. Well my friend Ashley, also Emily's friend called me drunk one night. I asked her about 2 names that I didn't know about on the list. These 2 bothered me b/c she didn't tell me and it was either right before or right after she was pregant. Now I'm assuming this. Well Ashley thought that Emily told me this and now Emily is one mad that I saw the list and 2 mad b/c I shared the info with Ashley. She said she had a distasteful feeling with me right now. What should I do? Did I ruin any chance I had? We're best friends with each other. I guess I was scared to ask b/c I was afraid of what she'd say. She still won't tell me b/c she's mad at me. Do I deserve to know. I'd be broken even worse, but the pain I have now I think would lessen if I knew I wasn't chasing after the girl I thought she was.

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As i mentioned before, the best way to have her come back to you is by having minimum contact. The more you talk to her, the more your in her sight, the more you get involved with her friends that you know will talk to her, the deeper your in the hole.


Frankly this girl is not worth having, she cheated on you repeatedly. but for some reason you want her back. She see you now, as desperate, prying, untrusting (although you have reason to be) person. She sees you as having no self confidence, and being able to get you back at any time, because she knows youll do anything to have her back. You have made all the classic errors.


If you would have just stopped all contact with her from the beginning your would have been 1000 times better situation. now it will be harder and take more time. before she had no excuses for her actions, now she has something to justify why she did the things she did.

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