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some one else's topic made me ask this question...


can your first love or first heart break be some one who never loved you back in that same way?


i had a friend who i ended up totally falling for. i fell for him harder than any other guy ever. he lead me on to believe that he liked me back in that same way since the beginning of our friendship. we were like best friends, but he had this friend (who i didn't like & never really wanted to be around...long story) who liked me. well, i honestly thought that i was in love, but i didn't let him know how i felt. well, one day i couldn't hold back any more, so i told him how i felt when me & him & a bunch of our other friends were hanging out. he started ignoring me & avoiding me the rest of the night because according to his friend "he didn't like me in that way". it totally hurt me. i was so confused because before that moment, he made me believe that he liked me more than a friend. that was the first time a guy has made me cry so hard. i remember going home & not being able to breathe because i was so hurt. he totally broke my heart & it took me forever to get over him.


well, that was over a year ago & im completley over him & i have moved on with my life. i don't really talk to him much any more because he actually turned out to be a jerk in ways. i now have like the best boyfriend in the whole world! but i do believe that that boy was my first love & my first heart break, is that even possible since we never actually had a relationship other than being friends??

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Yes of course, its called a "Crush" you wanted him as something more than a friend, he although liked your attention, didn't see you the same way.


I have had this problem with women, they even have said that I "led them on" and all i did was be nice to them, but woman are not used to guys being nice to them without having another "motive" so they just assume I had a romantic interest in them.


For that reason I will always make my self clear early on with my intentions, ill just tell them, "Listen, I really like you and would like to take this to something more romantic" or ill say, she is my friend, or call her a buddy, sometimes casually mention I'm interested in someone else, for example, ask her if she thinks this girl likes me. so she sees I see her as a friend I can trust. that sort of thing.


So yeah, you can hurt from a break up from someone that never loved you, heck you should know that! you see it in here all the time, men and women all bent out of shape for partners that never loved them! they been used, abused, lied to, cheated on, disrespected, and they still love them and want them back. thats even worse!!! because at least with the friend you loved at the time, he was nice to you and treated you good. With these other people, they are in love with something that don't even exist!!! they love a fantasy, thats really sad.

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