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friend might be leaving for a while, idk what to do

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my best friend and really my only really good friend to whom i can tell anything to might be leaving for a year. we are in high school and theres we only have 2 1/2 years together before we gotta goto college and well shes the greatest person around and if she left for a year i dont know what i would do. ive told her before that i dont like the idea of only having 2.5 years left together (were just friends btw). if she goes away for a year then we only have 1.5 left and thats not good. right now we are soph and if she goes away then shell be gone for all of junior year. i jsut dont liek the idea of her leavign for so long and i think she knows that but she doesnt seem to be taking that into consideration. idk i just dont want her to be gone for so long because she means so much to me. what do u think i could do? just tell her not to go? i mean i cant really do that, shed think im trying to control her life. what should i do to make her see what i feel?

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Sounds to me like there's a bit more feeling than friendship involved there, at least on your part. Am I wrong?


Well, this is sticky.....how do you think she'd react if you told her how you feel? Guilt? You want to avoid that at all costs. And what would be the impact on you if this relationship went further before she left? You'd be that much more hurt.


I think that, in your shoes, I'd tell her CASUALLY how I felt, possibly by getting her a card and letting her know you love her and how much she effects your life in such a positive way, etc. See how she reacts to it. If she doesn't, at least you've let her know what she means to you. Beyond that, there's not a heck of a lot you can do. Just enjoy her presense in your life while you have it, and do all you can when she leaves to make sure that contact and that closeness isn't lost. It WILL be somewhat lost, but if you're that close, both of you will work at making sure that one's never very far out of sight of the other.


I can sympathize with the situation you're in, and I know the pain you're anticipating feeling, having felt it myself. But it sounds like you two are too close to really lose what you've built. Just keep that in mind, enjoy her in your life, and, when the time comes, you'll make the adjustments to her leaving and just miss her a bit more and let your heart adjust to it. But you won't lose her, of this I'm quite sure!



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