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Family history of alcohol abuse...

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Does anyone know what risk I have of suffering from alcoholism?There is quite a strong family history. My Grandfather,various cousins etc...My father isn't really an alcoholic I don't think but he does probably drink too much, and does enjoy a drink.


I quite often drink at home but have never thought I had a problem. I certainly would have no problems giving it up.I do drink quite a lot though, and it takes a lot to get me drunk also.I think I read somewher that this was a warning sign?


I don't want to carry on drinking so much if my family history gives me a vastly increased risk? I really don't think I have a problem but I know he tendency is inherited so am curious?

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We all have a genetic inheretence to do things for good and evil (evil in this case would be to drink too much!).


We all have a free will to curb our behavior when it causes us or others problems or consequences.


It is really up to the person to chose to stay with in the boundaries of healthy behavior and those that are around the behavior to try and stop the behavior using verbal cues as warnings, Like this, Cindy you are drinking too much; Please don't have anymore you are going to be sick in the morning; Your behavior has me worried, I feel like you are drinking out of control -- or eating too much or watching TV too much -- smoking too much, not exercising enough, not eating the right foods for your health or not taking vitamins.


I highly recommend the Nicholas Perricone diets for life and healthful living!


If you have 3 to 5 drinks per week, I bet you are having about average. Try not to have more than 3 to 5 drinks in a given day, for a female. Males can have about one to two more per week, etc.

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Well I'm very curious when you say you drink a lot at home. How much is "a lot" to you?


Also, why do you drink? Is it to feel good? Do you not feel good if you aren't drinking?


I am curious to your answers as this would help me advise you whether you have a drinking problem.


Oh, and I think sisterlynch meant you shouldn't have more than 3-5 drinks per week, not per day. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But 5 drinks a day sounds like a lot to me

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Thanks for the responses


I would say I tend to Binge Drink, I'll easily go out(or stay in) and have a bottle of wine and a few vodkas. To get drunk I need half/three quarters of a bottle of spirits!

I don't do this every day, probably 2/3 times a week,and I can always stop drinking. I never crave alcohol and it wouldn't enter my head to drink in the daytime.I wouldn't have any problem stopping,though I do enjoy it. I suppose it gives me a bit of relief from boredom etc.

I realise I'm probably drinking too much, but to me my use has never felt like a problem. Should I stop, before I maybe develop a habit?

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Well, I think maybe you should cut back. How about once per week? The amount you are drinking at one time is quite a bit. And that means you've developed a tolerance in your body to the alcohol.


Not to mention you are doing damage to your liver by drinking so much alcohol.


Probably better to do it now while you feel you can stop without difficulty rather than wait until later when you feel that you can't. If you are really just bored, consider a new hobby

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Thanx for the advice


I think I will try to cut it down, I guess drinking bottles of vodka is not a good hobby to have!

With regards to others keeping up with me, yes they have a problem! I do know a few people with alcohol problems that I sometimes see socially, and they are the only ones who can keep up- which is a bit worrying I suppose! I rarely get hangovers though, and I always know when to stop. I've never had a blackout for example, and I always feel in control of the amount I drink.

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