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Rebounds!!!!! Need to know everything!!!!

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I need to know everything. Any stories about them or how long they last short or long. What are they? What causes them? What causes people to leave them? My ex is in what I think is a rebound. She jumped into it really quick after I broke up after almost 2 years of dating. She didn't giver heself any time to heal and still she told me she has no time for herslef. She also sees this guy a lot. Like stays over at his place and everything. I'm sure about everything now and I want her back. But she claims she's in love with this new bf of hers after 4 months. Don't know what to do.

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hard to say, she might be with him to "attempt" to get over you, Girls sometimes need men in there lives, (not all of course, Some are independent) but it's safe to say she might have this new b/f because of you, so your should be happy for her, Right...? think of it like this, She is with someone else, to "fill" in for you, because you gave her everything you had, now she is comparing, wants to explore, voyage out and see what she "thinks" she might have been missing, just hope (if you want to get back together) that she doesn't see all the qualities in this new guy, and wants you back...

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Hello Went


I know your going through a very rough time, and I know ho wmuch you love her.


but you need to let her go, there is nothing you can do right now to force her back, the only thing you can do is let her find out for herself what she wants. She is young, and this often happens to women at that age.


And her is something I forgot to add when I responded to your e-mail, You may not feel like your angry with her, but deep down inside you are. right now you have issues with her (trust, anger, etc) you need time alone to also heal. If she were to come back to you tomorrow, you would not be ready for a relationship with her.


Take this time, to heal yourself. you need to let go of her. It will take time, I know. The way you found out about her and this man, how she wrote how she loved him, was like a dagger through your heart. this will take time. her coming back to you now, will not seal that wound, understand?


Take care of yourself now, please.

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