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"Invisible Fingers"


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Something to think about:

As I read the message from Adidas7fire it confirmed what I already believed. We live in a wonderful age where people from around the world can speak to each other via the internet. This form of communication has shown us we can impact each other's lives in a multitude of ways. The relationships we have formed can be more important, and are on a higher level in many cases, than the ones we have with the people we see everyday.

When communicating with people online it is important to remember that the fingers typing the responses belong to a human being. That person has feelings that go beyond a physical attraction. The attraction, in most situations, is on a level of intelligence and personal communication.

Try to remember the above thoughts when you "speak" to someone through this convenient medium. If you feel it is time to end the relationship let the other person know. They deserve the same respect as a person who is available to look you in the eyes.

Also, when you appreciate the time kindly offered you (whether you agree with their philosophy or not) let them know you appreciate the time they took to respond, in a personal way, to you in your time of need. Many of us have met some wonderful people here and feel very safe baring our souls with the hope of landing in the safety net of our new friends.


Just a thought,


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Very well said indeed.


I hope some of the people who have been unable to understand the concept of having friends on the internet (though, since we're on a forum, many who should see this won't), could read this and get a better idea of how deep and lasting those friendships can be. It's something I've often tried to explain without success to people unfamiliar with this big wide world out here, you summed it up superbly!

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thankyou for sharing that, in some sense i have always felt like that, and also that when speaking on the internet it may be that feelings can not be as expressed as easily as that in person however i find more feelings are brought to the surface and felt.

i feel it was some good advice that i will be taking to hand as you rightly said we do meet some amazing people over the internet.

i was once told that it was wrong to meet people over the internet as they are not who they seem. but how can that be so to everyone, as i have never hidden my identity and if am what i seem so are some of the other people.


anyway great insight.


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