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Question for Men...Would you?


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To me Yes, if i find someone appealing or i would like to get to know, i would defiantly wink at them, and make heavy, but not so heavy eye contact, if i get eye contact back after 3-4 times i would wink, and smile,


The Smile: international way of greeting someone, and it's saying your a positive person, friendly, etc...."


any of these works


8) O 8-[

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Well does the other person wink at everyone?


I've seen people that are just flirty with everyone.

Also some people that wield their flirting like a knife to manipulate things.


So I would trust a combination of factors over a single incident.


Sounds like you are trying to gauge whether someone is attracted to you. Best way to know is to stick out the neck and ask about the person's level of interest. But other less accurate methods may be to ask mutual friends or continual testing of boundaries in a dance of mutual flirtation. (I don't recommend the last one but some find it fun



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i am the kind of guy that will just wink at girls cause they are there, and they looked at me. i am not neccisarily attractive, but i wouldnt do it if i thought they were ugly anyway..


um yah.. so i probably do it more than most guys, but i wouldnt do it if they were ugly, but im not attracted to everone i do it to.

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