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Depressed.. I need help....


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Hey, I am a college Junior, I have everything going for me career wise... I just don't see the point anymore, I don't feel like going on with life... I have these feelings before, I have seen shrinks, and taken medication. I feel like my life is always going to be like this, and I feel disabled. (like I cant function like a normal person because I am depressed). College itself is stressful, I feel like I am doing all of this work, to end up in a dead end job, stuck in a cubical. All of my money goes toward school, I am dead broke... It sucks because the only jobs available are the min. wage, and the unpaid internships. I cant stand it, I feel like I am always going to feel this way... I guess what I am asking for is some motivation to keep going on...

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You don't have to stop after your Bachler's degree. Minimum wage jobs are usually for people who don't even have a Bachler's degree, but rather something like an Associates (or not even that). So don't worry about it in terms of working for retail or something like that.


About the cubical job, I don't know what your major is, but some people, a lot (I think), don't want to comprehend the fact that they've worked 4 long, hard years of work in order to climb up the corporate ladder. They're not looking forward to it. Everything is really corporate nowadays. That's how our society works. At least in the U.S. It's all capitalist.


I wish that things could be like the 60s/70s where mom and pop shops existed, but it's not like that anymore.


If you're looking for motivation, try taking a personal inventory of what you truly like. For instance, if you love the arts: interior decorating, or designing in general, try to combine it w/your future job.


Look for higher paying jobs. Pursue a law degree, or a doctorates degree. Pharmacy jobs are nice and sophistated for women. You might have to go back to a J.C. and do 2 years of general sciences though.


And like I said, when you make that much money, you can pursue things that you like on the side.


Or try doing something that you really love, like if you like helping people, there's a great demand for nurses right now. Aside from doing all of the grunt work, you will find fulfillment in helping others.


It depends on your major. However, the only motivation for me is to go beyond the Bachler's degree. I know, you're probably sick of school right now, but that's the only way that you can dodge the corporate world. Invest now, and all of the rewards payoff later!


Or try taking some entrepeneurial classes. Specialize in a certain area of business, and start your own company. It's a gamble, but it's worth trying.


Hope this helps...Cheer up! (Your topic reminds me of the Marxian theory and why people feel so isolated and meaningless in a Capitalist society).

We can't help it right? It's just a new kind of lifestyle that we must adapt to.


I find that helping others offers fulfillment in my daily life. When you connect with others, it gives you a sense of self-worth. So, you just really have to find your nitch beyond the Bachler's degree.


Try doing career counseling with your counciler, or go to the bookstore and research on careers that you might enjoy.


There's a government website on occupational careers which gives you a general overview on what the job is, how much it pays, what the hours are like...etc, here it is:




Also try the myer's briggs test. Universities and colleges use it for career inventory tests. Good luck. I hope that my feedback helps!

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Hello VickiRose,


Yes, college is really stressful. I remember very clearly being up all night studying and doing project and feeling "what is the point - I'm never going to use this stuff anyway". And well, for a lot of the courses that ended up being true. But for some of them, I certainly do use them on a regular basis.


But I do know that without my degree there is no way I would have gone as far as I did. Yes I started out in a cubicle, but I moved up quickly because they saw my potential. Within a few years I got out of the corporate world and started my own consulting company. I had more work than I could handle.


In college I found some better jobs off campus that paid more than minimum wage. I don't know if thats an option for you but you might go check it out.


I just want to encourage you that it DOES get better. You are sacrificing a lot right now and I totally understand where you are coming from. But it pays off later - trust me!!



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Sorry to hear your sad. It sometimes seems like everything is against us I know I have some really bad times too but there are positive things as well.


I find the best thing to do is try to plan what you want, its important to put it down on paper and also the problems you see to get there. Everybody is different but I find exercise is great even if its just a walk. Also sleep affects me, its kind of odd when I am down i do the things which make everything worse i.e. go out with friend and drink too much which is crazy as it not only spends money which I dont have but also makes me feel down. You need to make sure you are doing things you want to as well and try and get a balance whether that is reading sports catching up with friends etc..


Financially I have spent the last six months without pay while trying to dig my business out of bankruptcy so i understand what you are feeling. At times there doesnt seem to be much point but that is short term. You need to look at longer term goals min wage jobs and internships arent great but what they do give you is experience, without it its difficult to get on. Try to find something which at least gets you in some way on the track to were you want to go. Also I always stick by the fact the more you put into something the better it is, I know that can be easy to say but I look back at my first job. it was really boring and paid little I started with a friend and the difference between me and him was I gave it everything and came out with at some great experience where as my friend is still stuck in the same job.


Take care



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Hey there VickiRose...


I am in the same boat you are... I'm a junior as well and it just feels like I'm never going to graduate. Especially with this year being the worst I have ever had in college, GPA-wise, and with all that has happened within my life since August, OMG, there have been many days where I have jsut wanted to say, "Forget it! I can't do this! What's the point?". I know how you are feeling. And like you, I spend the afternoons behind a cubicle, answering phones and trying to please other people when I see myself head of my own company in the future having other people doing what I am doing. thereforeeee, with that, what I'm trying to say is... in order for me to get there (future), I have to keep going and strive to do my very best. Great things come to those who wait, just remember that. It may seem like it's the end of the world and that school is dragging you down but press on! Don't be a quitter. Keep an upper lip and just remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to! Good luck!

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