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well everyone i feel like i am in the movies. i have lost the love of my life and it's my fault. he doesn't want me right now anymore. he said maybe latter but not know and it is all because of me. i was selfesh and i didn't treat him as well as he should have been. i have tried everything to get him back. i knew that i loved him but i never knew that i loved him this much. i believe that he is me solemate and know i lost him forever. please tell me anything to get him back. How can i show him how much i love him? How can t prove to him that i can treat him better? how do i tell him that i have made the biggest mistake of my life letting him get away and not fully showing him how wonderful he is. he is the best man on earth. there is no man in the universe that could hold a candle up to him. i have really blown it. i lost my sole mate. i have lost the only man(person to be honest) that i love. i would do anything humanly possibe to get him back. should i ask him for 2 weeks to prove to him how much i love him and to give me another chance. please everyone, i swear to god that if you will help me get him back that i will never treat him any less then he should be. i want to spend the rest of my life with him and i want to have his children and i want to grow old with him and love him with all of my heart. please you guys are my only hope. :

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If it didn't work out, and as much as you're trying right now...life does go on.


I guess this is not what you want to hear, but if he's not allowing you back into his life at least for now, and you've given it your all, then what's the point of 'beating on a dead horse' right?


I know exactly how you feel. I broke up with my ex. We went out for 4 years. I swore, he was my backbone, he was my everything, he was my support, and then I lost him.


After numerous attempts of maintaining a friendship with him, I decided that it was too selfish of me to keep him around. I wanted him to date others, since I did. It broke his heart, and I made several attempts to patch things up.


He was my one and only bestfriend, someone that I'd cry to. I shared all of my secrets with him, and now he's gone.


Some days, I still feel lost without him. But you know what? Life goes on. I'm still surviving. In my heart, I know that I will find another soulmate just like him.


It was hard for me to let him go in the beginning, but slowly as you mature and get older, you'll find that there are other prospects out there, and he's not the only one.


Think about it, you still have at least 20 yrs. ahead of you until you'll settle down, and start a family. The pain might feel like an eternity now, but it's a milestone in life. It's a huge learning experience for you to become mature and independent.


When you're ready, God will find that person for you. Trust me on this!


Sometimes I feel like angels are actually listening. Your prayers will be answered someday, and when it comes, you'll be really surprised and thankful.

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I know you would do anything to get him back. Unfortunately, that the very attitude thats going to prevent him from coming back. You cannot smother somebody so much that they will change their mind about you. If anything, it will show them that they are better off without you.


You MUST give this guy space and time. I know its killing you right now but it is the only hope. He has to have time away to regain his perspective and start to miss you. And you need to understand that it is possible he will not return to you. This does not make you any less of a person and it does NOT mean you are unlovable. It only means that he has decided for whatever reason the relationship is not right for him.


Love yourself as much as you love him. Realize that you are a wonderful person and you'd make a great partner for any guy. Be confident with those thoughts. Thats going to help you so much going forward.


Hang in there!

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Hi QTpie,


I know everyone makes mistakes, so it is understandable that you didn't treat your ex better than you would have liked to. I am very guilty of that and I am reminded of that everyday.


I can't help but wonder though if maybe you just new that this wasn't really the guy, and that is why mentally you did whatever you did, or didn't do. Maybe this is a learning experience so you'll know how to treat the guy who is really the one. . . ? Now that my ex and I broke up, even though I am sad, I know deep down that I want more from 'the one' that my ex was capable of giving, and I am wondering if that I just didn't know that all along. . .


I hope everything works out for you. Keep your chin up.

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