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he's ashamed or embaressed? maybe angry?????


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First of all, thanks to everyone who replied too ALL my topics. You made me comfortable. Sometimes, I'm scared. After all these years of tough times. Loving and fighting. Making up. Scared of marrying him. Love him very much.


But, WHY does he look mad/annoyed/irritated/embarressed??? When we are in front of other girls.? His family invites a bunch of people for dinners/celebrations..etc.// anyway, there was this gurl who was there..she came and said hi to me and asked me if i went to this college nearby. he didn't seem to be interested! It was sorta an embaressment for me to go through. His facial expression was straight. he acted different than usual. i was surprised! but, this gurl and i continued on w/that converstation. he changed and acted happy after she left. it was weird. Wish he would stop that! don't knoww what it is! any guys please would u tell me why he did that? is he ashamed/angry/annoyed/ or even embaressed????


thank you so much for saving my relationship issues nwith him. you are the best! if it wasn't for enotalone i wouldn't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey allstarsassyone


Its nice to hear you appreciate this place so much, as do i ofcourse!. Sounds like your angry at your boyfriend for acting stale towards other females. what i gather from the situation is that he is merely putting your feelings into consideration, as many girlfriends hate it when their guy is flirting or even smiling at other girls. I can understand why this would bug you if you felt he was being way to harsh, and if so, then confront him about it. he wont figure it out on his own that your displeased.


Be easy on him though. He's only thinking of how you would want him to act infront of other females. You should feel lucky, its obvious he cares for you if he is giving NO other female the time of day. I suggest you tell him that your comfortable with him being with other females as friends or just merely acquaintances. If this is not the case however, and its just some weird habit he's gotten into (i doubt it, but it happens) then, confrontation is again the way to solve it. Either way your going to have to tell him your not happy with his attitude. I still feel, though, that he is holding your feelings first and foremost.


Goodluck and best wishes



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