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girl problems...

most heinous

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Well, let's see...


I was going out with this girl from my school about 6 months ago, but we only went out for a month before she dumped me. I don't really know why, she dropped the "i think we should be friends" line by me and i kinda overreacted... I sounded cool on the phone, but at school for the next few days i was acting pretty nasty towards her and others, mainly because i was told she stopped liking me for "looking stoned all the time" (i don't smoke at all, though i do have that look on my face alot). She talked to me a few days later, saying i seemed really mad, and i told her i was, though i acted pretty calm when telling her. I told her what i had been told about why she dumped me, and she asked me if i really believed that. I kinda wanted to say yes, but the word "no" came out of my mouth.


Now a whole summer later, i'm feeling pretty bad about how i acted, and since i realized i still really like this girl, i want to start up dating here again. I really feel i should apologize for my behavior after the end of that previous relationship, but first of all i'm not sure how to go about it without sounding really strange, and second of all, i don't know how i should ask her out after that. I still talk to her today in a friendly way, but i dunno if she would really accept what i have to say...

any help? thanks

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I dont know how old u are, but this advice is good for anyone.


Someone told me while I was in the process of getting back together with the first girl i ever loved: dont ever get back together with someone if you have already been broken up.


We got back together and now we broke up again....and this time for real. Getting back together created more pain than its worth man.


U have lived without her for this long, I am sure u can continue.


U will always resent what she did to u (which is BS by the way) and u should be angry. U should let her learn her lesson, like i should have let mine learn hers - now we're broken up and i could prob have been dating a really cool person by now.


Advice: stay away, things become easier over time

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