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A Christian Businessman?


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I am a Christian. This is a problem at work. The reason I say this is because I see so much greed (I work for a global executive recruiting firm in downtown Chicago) and backstabbing at work that I am tired of keeping my mouth shut. I am always talking about ethics and I always get a weird look from people. I do mention my faith when an opportunity arises if someone is in need of help.

Should I just go to work and treat work as this necessary evil? Should I stand up for my beliefs at work and be willing to lose my job?

I'm simply worn out by people who are willing to kill my career as well as others because of their selfish greed. The problem is, many times, these people are in management. How do I become a manager if managers only respect selfishness? Money.. money.. money... at any cost.

How do other Christians handle this? I can't assume I should pack up and run. I would think God would want me to stand up and fight. Prayer hasn't helped yet.

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Unfortunately as you have discovered, there are many out there who worship money. And when you do that, you throw all other ethics to the wind in search of it. It consumes you.


There are other jobs. And there are companies out there that operate honestly and ethically in line with your values. If your current management turns a deaf ear to your values, you are not obligated to keep helping them hurt others. Vote with your feet and leave.


Better yet, why not start your own company? Then you can live by your values without regard to what your 'boss' is telling you to do. You can show others your christian values by example. Perhaps that is God's plan for you.

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I don't think it has anything to do with Christianity at all. It's just so many in business have a diminished sense of ethics regardless of their religious convictions.


I've seen many a "give you the shirt off their back" type person turn into a cold uncaring coworker, although they still go to the same church on Sunday.


I try to operate on a very ethical level myself, and help others where possible, and I've just about lost my job because of it too. In fact, I was essentially threatened to be fired because of my involvement with the Red Cross. I don't go to church.


You have to stick with what you believe, because at the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself.


That's the tough thing about management. I've been one and hated it because I couldn't convince the people above me that things weren't right in my department. I couldn't do what my direct reports needed me to do to make their jobs more fulfilling, so I got shuffled out. From what I've seen, there's nothing to be done except work for a company with better standards.

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I to am in Chicago, though in FINC and I have had the same type of issue before.


I just turn it into a personal game to be as successful as possible by just being nice and not participating in gossip.


I think that God wouldn't tell u to quit, he'd want one of his players there to level the field - theres no better third base coach than God.

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Folks, please be very careful. You're on the fine line of something a bit ugly sounding here.


Work ethics are not a Christian versus non Christian issue. They are a simply an ethical versus unethical issue. I would sincerely doubt there is any connection with how you get treated, and your faith. There are ethical people who are not Christian, just as there are unethical ones who are (some of them very high profile).


I have literally put my job on the line for what could be considered ethical issues, I will follow my personal guidelines when called for in spite of my career, and I am not a Christian. (PM and I will explain if you're interested).


I have no doubt that in general, people who hold religious beliefs on average would tend to act more ethically than those that don't, but it's not an absolute.


I think of it this way, there was a thread some time back on inter-race relationships. As in that case, where I said I simply don't discriminate at all on that basis, I also do not on the basis of religion. I have the opportunity to work with Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, and people like myself and all share the same set of values.


I do not intend to offend or belittle any of you. All I'm trying to say in my own awkward way is that the lack of ethics you see in the workplace is simply that, actions of people with a different set of values than you or I. Unfortunately, those that seek to ascend by less than nice ways will do just that, they'll walk on who ever they have to to get there. And since we're not like them, it gets even worse when we try the same things.




P.S. mandylee4christ's bit about her fiancé being the one asked for advice hits a nerve. A few years ago, I was the one they wanted to talk to the customer (Boeing) when we slipped way behind on a job. Why? Because my management felt the customer would not believe the engineering manager, project manager, general manager or vise president. It fell on me, the designer, because they knew the customer trusted me. In essense, they wanted me to bend the truth. I didn't. I was honest. Ultimately it was one of the things that cost me my job there. I hope your fiancé is strong and sticks with the truth regardless of the costs. The unfortunate thing is, I can't tell you that it will turn out to be a benefit in any way other than personal satisfaction that you did the right thing.

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I havn't had the same problem as you since I am still an undergraduate, but I know of atleast two people that are personal friends of mine and attend my church, both of which have had similar experiences that you have currently with your employer.


One of them worked as a car sales man for a local car company. Even though he made made record top sales for six months flat he was the first to be laid off when economic trouble came around. Why? He was the only honest hardworking employee the company had and no one liked him for it, so they gave him the axe. Now he works to spread the gospel using his own independent ministry called "Presents of God ministries."


Another one of them worked as an insurance salesman. He would always been honest about what his clients were getting and when he found out that his company was ripping people off using contradictory language he called up all of his clients, gave them a refund, confronted his employer, and was promptly fired... Now he also owns his own independent ministry and is currently studying to becoming a lawyer.


Just to be straightforward no secular employer likes an employee who is honest and faithful to God. It's meerly something we as Christians have to deal with in this secular money driven world.

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Let's look at a specific then. What happens when you are required to work on a Sunday? How do you handle that?


I may be speaking a bit out of turn, but I also realize that in some Faiths, Sunday is reserved as a day of rest. In this day and age it's extremely difficult to make that possible all the time.


Many times in my career, I have been required to work the entire weekend, as well as the entire week. I have no religeous beliefs preventing me from performing work 7 days a week, but on the other hand, everybody does need a day off.


Does this kind of thing bother you? How would you go about handling this in a way that respected both your church and your employer?

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How do I become a manager if managers only respect selfishness? Money.. money.. money... at any cost.

if this is what the job position is about and you are a strong religious person, then should you want this job, is it worth it. I suggest talking out about your feelings about this situation tell them of their wrongdoings even if it means losing your respect from these people, if they dont respect you for your faith then they dont deserve to respect you. But i cant make this desicion for you , you must look within yourself to find the answer and make the decision that you feel is right. good uck and may God be with you.

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