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Problem with her friends


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Hi all


Ive fancied this girl at school for a long while now, and whilst we always get on well in a group with her friends, I can rarely speak to her when she is on her own, so thereforeeee I dont have much idea as to what she really thinks of me....


She always hangs around in a tightly knit group with her friends, understandably there is nothing I can do about this because she is perfectly entitled to do it, but it annoys me because I cant speak properly to her and tell her what i really think of her, and I cant exactly tell her friends to "go away" can I?


I just need a way of speaking to her properly, and then I might get a clue as to whether she likes me or not.. So how can I sort this problem out?


Many thanks


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Why not simply ask her if you can "borrow" her from her friends for a minute? It's certainly not offensive, and if she's THAT close to her friends all the time, this is the only way you'll have of speaking to her. Or leave a note for her asking her to meet you somewhere after school or something to that effect.....there are ways around the friends, you just have to be a bit creative sometimes!



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