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Thanx to all of you, I am feeling more possitive every day.


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Aww, that's awesome to hear, Lilu!! I'm so glad you shared with us, and that you're aware of what's ahead of you, instead of dwelling on the present, and letting others know too! You've got a GREAT attitude towards your future and I applaud you in your wise thinking, thanks again!



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I said the same thing too this morning when I got up... forget the past.. we have a whole life ahead of us and there is no looking back!!!!!!


Forget him!! He is the one with the issues and will regret leaving you.. But when that heppens you will have met your prince



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Thats some positive thinking there, i've been following yours from the first day. Like yourself i too feel in love with someone from another country (switzerland to be exact) and surely i saw myself living there cause its beautiful and very different from where i live but like england it's even harder with immgriation there.This fact coupled with my ex's inability to weather that storm and his confusion about his feelings cause us to break up .


The way i look at my situation and yours as well is that maybe we were to experience these things after all its things like these that makes us stronger and better people in chosing what is best for our lives and i agree with you this message forum is a big help as well, it shows we are not alone when we think we are .


Just stay Strong and be positive and go with the flow


Big Hugs


Remember Warriors Don't Cry

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