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he's gone now and i dunno why i feel like this

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I did until this morning when I got news that a dear friend of mine was killed by a guy that ran a red light yesterday (Friday). He died at the hospital a few hours later due to complications. He was a great guy and so full of life that I can't help but cry now that he's gone. The weird thing is that we had never even met! He and I had started talking online since the end of September and the last day I spoke to him was on Thanksgiving Day. When I got the news that he had been killed, my heart sank into my throat and I just broke down into tears. Do you find that weird considering that we had never met but had strong feelings for each other? If you have any advice to help me get over this big loss, please let me know. Thank you.

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Hello there,


Let me express my deepest sympathies for your loss. I don't think its weird at all for you to feel very sad even though you never met this man in person. If you had formed a close friendship and had shared a lot with each other then the attachment exists.


Unfortunately the only true healer for a loss like this is time. You need to grieve the loss. Go ahead and cry and mourn for what you have now lost. Perhaps you could attend the funeral to help provide you with some closure? Or contact his family to just express your sympathies and grieve with them? Even a simple card would be appreciated. It really helps to be around others who cared about him too.


Once again, I'm so very sorry. I will pray for your healing and comfort - along with his loved ones.

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Thank you very much. I would definitely go to the funeral if I could but he's in Indiana and I'm in Texas. Distance is quite a hindrance at the moment but he is always right here with me in my heart and thoughts. But yes, you're right... only time can make this better. But I do appreciate your post and thoughts... thanks again!

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I'm so sorry to read about your loss. It is not weird at all that you feel the way you do. I understand completely.


Crying is a great way to just let your feelings out. Holding it in makes it worse. The only thing you can really do to get through this, is just get through your days. He'll always be on your mind.


A very tough situation to be in, but stay strong. Things will get easier.


Always keep him in your heart.


Wishing the best,



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thank you justagirl. many people just don't understand but then there are those few, like yourself and the others that have replied, who say just the right things.


i appreciate all your help in alleviating the pain of my loss. with all your help and my own too, i will be just fine. knowing that he is in a better place and no longer hurting makes me know everything will be alright.

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